Monday, September 19, 2005

Never Say Never

What a way to learn that lesson.

I'm cheering for Hillary in this one.

Tomorrow's headline prediction: Hell Freezes Over

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Got Crime? Legalize It- No More Crime

That seems to be the way that Sri Lankan officials were thinking when they did this:

The Sri Lankan Cabinet has decided to reduce the age of consent for sexual encounters from 16 to 13 years.

Cabinet spokesperson Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said the action has been taken due to rising numbers of men arrested for sexual relations with girls below the age of 16.

The Minister said this proposal was made to the Cabinet by Justice Minister W.D.J. Seneviratne and was approved this week after much debate and a long review.

With the new amendment to the law, in a rape case, the matter of consent would arise only when the individual is below the age of 13. The Amendment Bill will be presented in Parliament shortly

Thirteen: a year more than what SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg considers to an acceptable age of consent.

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The Minute Men & Their Opponents

According to popular images, the Minute Men are a bunch of knuckle dragging, foaming at the mouth racists who just love shooting at brown people, & illegals & their supporters are loving, peaceful, tolerant teddy bears who wouldn't harm a soul. Matt Labash of the Weekly Standard did an insightful piece on the Minute Man organization. He focuses particularly it's head Chris Simcox, & does a great job at dispelling these myths.

...Like many Minutemen and Minutewomen, they are hard to place politically and seem pretty moderate across the board. Unlike many militia types, they don't count black helicopters in their sleep. In fact, they're not actually antigovernment at all, in the sense of wanting there to be less of it. Rather, as Simcox says, "We must force our government to do their job by threatening to do it for them." As some of their T-shirts attest, they're not vigilantes, they're undocumented Border Patrol agents...

...Brenda, who is Cherokee Indian, makes a distinction I hear repeatedly from the Minutepeople: that unlike many other groups of their stripe, they are not anti-immigration, they are anti-illegal-immigration. They even support increased legal immigration from Mexico and a beefed-up guest worker program, fully funded by the employers who elect to exploit cheap labor at the expense of Americans. In reassuring tones, Brenda frames it thus: "Everybody is thirsty. They're standing in line down the sidewalk to drink at the water fountain." The people she objects to, she says, are those cutting across the grass. "I don't care who I stand in line with, but everybody ought to stand in line."...

...After the meeting, it occurs to me that I've spent many hours talking to completely level-headed Minutemen. So for balance, I head for the most eccentric looking freak I can find, who turns out to be Freddy Puckett. He wears two hearing-aids, an "Undocumented Border Patrol" T-shirt, and a camo boonie-hat with a "Kiss me I'm ugly" badge stuck to it. He's a walking Radio-Shack rack, with all his blipping phones and walkie-talkies and other electronic contraptions strapped to his torso.
But it seems I've misjudged Freddy. A disabled Vietnam vet who carries landmine shrapnel in his chest, Freddy's the one who saved the illegal in the desert over the Fourth of July weekend when he cried out for "agua, agua." Perhaps unaware that agua is "Sesame Street"-level Spanish, an ebullient Freddy says he understood because "my wife is Hispanic. I just love to save people's lives and protect America. That's what I do."

Why is this? Because they police themselves so intensely to the point of nearly being PC.

...The Minutemen do tote guns (though they encourage their ranks to secure concealed-weapon permits, the better, organizers say, to put the government to work weeding out potential wackos through criminal background checks). Yet the entire month of April, the heaviest thing that went down was the censuring of a new volunteer who gave a weary illegal water and Wheaties (along with 20 bucks), then photographed him wearing a T-shirt that said "Bryan Barton Caught Me Crossing the Border And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt." Barton was summarily dismissed...

...They aren't exactly the nest of racist snipers and vipers I've been reading about on the plane. As I brush past Simcox's husky-lab mix lounging on the floor (he found the dog on the border while patrolling), I meet Lucy Garza, his able assistant who doubles as a screener. If Lucy hears any aspiring Minutemen disparaging Hispanics (a naturalized citizen, she's 100 percent Mexican), they are shown the door, although Lucy herself, when it comes to illegal immigration, is a bit of a fire-breather. "They come over. They reap all the benefits. They rape our country, our system, and they send all the money back home," she says, tearing up as she describes how the deserts are ravaged by waste. "It makes me ashamed of my heritage."...

They have non-white members AND they don't tolerate racism AND they give water to thirsty people rather than shoot them?

Contrast this to their opponents:

It is with a heavy heart today that I write and ask for your support. Yesterday, September 17, 2005, a few of our unarmed volunteer citizens of Friends of the Border Patrol were attacked by the so-called peaceful humanitarians of Gente Unida [Enrique Morones' goons] in San Diego, California, as they were meeting at a gathering point for an orientation and training session....

...Here's what happened. The Captain instructed our volunteers where to meet up and was almost immediately confronted by an angry mob. An American flag was immediately desecrated by being torn away from our volunteers, off its pole, and onto the ground where it was stomped on and kicked. This vile act was committed by an individual who had concealed his face from cameras. We do have video footage, which was released by the volunteer to the media and shown in San Diego on their television newscasts.

Individuals on tape were also assaulting and battering a number of senior citizens. Here's something to consider. These young people assaulted our volunteers, many of whom have served our nation in the military with distinction, which includes senior citizens. To show the footage, which we'll post asap on our website, will absolutely leave you speechless, and angry. The protesters stalked our volunteers around the site, screamed in their ears, were cursed at, physically assaulted and battered, trespassed on private property, and participated in crimes of hate and acts of terrorism....

They beat up a unarmed seniors, yuck. Which group is violent & which not?

Now, whose violent & whose not? The myths of the Minute Men & the myths about illegals & their supporter are just that, myths: myths that need to be shattered with real information.

Hat tip: Katie's Dad, Our Way of Life, Kit Jarrell


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