Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Yorkers Do It Again!

From USA Today:
Attacks on and around the 7-mile highway linking Baghdad to its international airport have dropped 41% since May, the result of increased U.S. and Iraqi troop presence and new tactics to battle insurgents along one of the world's most dangerous roads.

There hasn't been a suicide car bombing on the road since April, according to U.S. military statistics through August...

As this is the airport road & the design of the highway as well as the surrounding area makes it very difficult to secure, this was once one of the most dangerous places in Baghdad. The fact that it was frequently used by diplomats & other high profile individuals made it especially tempting for terrorists.

Guess to whom much of the responsibility for this road & neighborhood falls to? The New York National Guard's 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry Regiment!
Of course, they gave the New Yorkers the toughest job: we're the best (bombastic regionalism over)

However, I do think that this adds further proof to the already accepted fact that New York is a very special place, wouldn't you agree :-)


From The Horse's Mouth

Six Meat Buffet has posted a good portion of a 2003 NYT editorial in which Eason Jordan admits that CNN did not tell all they knew about Saddam.


The ACLU Tries to Endanger Honest People: Again

While a majority of evacuees are good people, obviously, there will be among them those of criminal background. Some may even be wanted. Therefore, most sane people would agree that it makes sense to do background checks on them, before allowing them to move into their new shelters.

Even one of the evacuees interviewed agrees:
“I would, I would want to know who may be my neighbor,” Seymour said. “You're imposing but also you need to know.”

These checks do involve some inconvenience, but is it as bad as having a child subject to sex abuse? For about 99% of us, including evacuee Cherlynn Seymour, the answer is no.

However, for the ACLU, the answer is very different. They are complaining that:
...the move is unconstitutional and unjust. The spokesperson added that it is the equivalent to state border guards and that Pennsylvania state officials are preying on people who are already down and out on their luck...

I am sure NAMBLA would heartily concur.

They have yet to take legal action. Let's hope they decide to exercise a some judgment at least now. The Constitution is not a suicide pact. Its purpose is to make our lives better: not worse.

In fact, as Urban League Public Housing site coordinator Gerri Reynolds points out:
“Public housing authorities requires it of all residents and we're not just singling them out or picking on them,” Reynolds said. “It's required of all residents applying for public housing.”

As seven convicted sex offenders arrived with more than 200 other evacuees at Cape Cod, these concerns are clearly well placed.

However, despite the sex offenders being housed on a separate floor of a dormitory with only single men, their floor does not have any extra security because:the state doesn’t want to isolate them.

Hat tip: NIF, Stop the ACLU


Kitty Power

I can see why the Terriorists are fully behind this one :) As for me, while I'm all for alternative energy sources, this might be going just a bit too far.

Update: I have corrected the link. My apologies.
Update II: The pee powered battery. Perhaps there is hope for the kitty cats if they drink enough water :)


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