Saturday, September 10, 2005

Here They Go Again

Now that Cindy Sheehan's fifteen minutes of fame are nearing the end, the MSM is looking far & wide for her replacement. Seek & ye shall find, & it looks like they found just what they were looking for in Adele Welty.The NY Newsday has done a feature dedicated solely to her. Just as the MSM did not offer the same amount of coverage to the parents who lost a child in the Iraq War & are supportive of the effort, no mention is ever made of any family members of those lost in 9/11 who are supportive of the war on terror.

I, as everyone else, feel sympathy towards her for her loss, but she is not the only one who suffered a loss on that terrible day. Why did NY Newsday not consider others who suffered a loss & feel differently unworthy of a feature story?

Mrs. Welty has the right to protest all she wants, but one would think that the press might consider it their duty to report the news in an unbiased manner.

The Sheehaning of 9/11 is reprehensible.

Hat Tip:My Pet Jawa, The Man


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