Friday, August 26, 2005

Show me the Money

Some thoughts on the Gaza withdrawal & where all the aid money went.


I've Been Tagged

My friend Greta tagged me for a game of tag by the numbers. So here goes.

10 years ago: living in NY & in public school

5 years ago: still in NY (yeah!) & in college

1 year ago: juggling way too many things

1 day ago: working, studying, blogging, recovering from an encounter with a roach & a bee

5 Favorite snacks: chocolate, spicy guacamole & boule bread (my contribution to the food world), potato chips, cake, ice cream & cookies

Songs I know the words to: none. I hum tunes & rarely sing out the words

What I would do with Five Million Dollars: take a vacation, pay off husband's & my education expenses, buy a decent house, start a business, cars, release my inner Imelda

5 Places I would escape to for a while: Russia, Australia, China, Tibet, Kenya & Tanzania (I want to see the Masai)

5 Things I would not wear: jeans below the hips, organza, slogan T's (of any persuasion), things that make me look even shorter (I'm vertically challenged :), itchy things, uncomfortable things

5 Favorite T.V. Programs: The O'Reilly Factor ;) , Dr. 90210, most things on the Cartoon Channel, Scrubs, CSI

5 Greatest Joys: my husband, my parents, my in-laws, good books, furry animals amendable to cuddling

5 Favorite Toys: coffee machine (does that count as a toy?), computer & laptop, camera, phone, just about anything that goes fast


Human Events in England & Sweden

In England:

London Zoo unveiled a new exhibition -- eight humans prowling around wearing little more than fig leaves to cover their modesty.
The "Human Zoo" is intended to show the basic nature of human beings as they frolick throughout the August bank holiday weekend.
"We have set up this exhibit to highlight the spread of man as a plague species and to communicate the importance of man's place in the planet's ecosystem," London Zoo said.
The scantily-clad volunteers will be treated as animals and kept amused at the central London zoo with games and music.
"I actually think the fig leaves will be enough to cover us up, it's no worse than a swimming pool," said volunteer Simon Spiro, 19, from New Malden, south of the British capital.
Spiro, selected from dozens of hopefuls in an Internet competition, said he was excited by the prospect of monkeying around on the zoo's Bear Mountain.
"I'm a veterinary student so the idea of working for a zoo was something that appealed to me.
"I thought it would be fun and interesting because I'm an outdoorsy kind of person," he said.
Brendan Carr, 25, from Aylesbury, southern England, wrote a poem in his bid to get on the mountain.
"I'm funky like a monkey and as cool as a cat, talk more than a parrot, up all night like a bat," it went.
"I got a laugh like a hyena but get the hump like a camel, so cover me in fig leaves as I'm the ultimate mammal."

In Sweden:

The city library in Malmo, Sweden's third-largest city, will let curious visitors check out living people for a 45-minute chat in a project meant to tear down prejudices about different religions, nationalities or professions.The project, called Living Library, was introduced at Denmark's Roskilde Festival in 2000, librarian Catharina Noren said. It has since been tried at a Copenhagen library, as well as in Norway, Portugal and Hungary.
The people available to be borrowed also include a journalist, a gypsy, a blind man and an animal rights activist. They will be available on Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with a city festival, and are meant to give people "a new perspective on life", the library said in a statement....
It is also located just a narrow strait away from Denmark, and centuries of warfare between the countries has been replaced with a friendlier rivalry in recent decades. Still, both nationalities have several stereotypes about their neighbors.
"Danish Radio called to ask what prejudice we have about Danes," Noren said. "They had some tough questions for me."
Interest in the project has been high, Noren said, although the library does not allow bookings - the human subjects will be checked out on a first-come-first-served basis....


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