Monday, August 15, 2005

What Planet Are These People From?

I couldn't help asking myself that question when I read these two items about Katie Couric (hat tip: Ex-Donkey) and PETA (hat tip: Dell Gines, Eco9er)

Meanwhile, here in planet earth:
Last year, 1,500 Nigerian Christians were massacred by Islamic fundamentalists, 173 churches were burnt to the ground and 75,000 people were displaced. In the states of Plateau and Bauchi, more than 1,000 widows and 9,000 fatherless or orphaned children were left without much hope as a result of the massacres. (hat tip: Fundamentally Right)

Where's the outrage?


Don't Know Much About History

The horrors suffered by American POW's at the hands of the Japanese during WW II:

One of the POWs had a ring on and the Japanese guard attempted to get the ring off. He couldn't get it off and he took a machete and cut the man's wrist off and when he did that, of course, the man was bleeding profusely. [I tried to help him] but when I looked back I saw a Japanese guard sticking a bayonet through his stomach.
On the second day, a fully pregnant Filipino woman threw some food out... this POW in front of me picked up the food and started eating it; and a Japanese guard came... and decapitated that POW... and then he went and cut the stomach out of the Filipino woman. She was screaming "Kill me, Kill me," and they wouldn't do it....

It also became clear after the war that the Japanese were responsible for horrific abuses of POWs aboard tankers leaving the Philippines and bound for Japan. These tankers became known as hell ships. The Japanese put masses of men in the holds of tankers and gave them little food, light, room or water. The men died at an alarming rate -- of suffocation, thirst, and madness. They also died of allied bombing , since the hell ships were not marked with a white cross, as specified by the Geneva Conventions, to indicate POWs were on board. The men who survived these tankers became slave laborers in Japanese mines and factories....
It is an astounding fact that while POWs died at a rate of 1.2% in Germany, they died at a rate of 37% across the Pacific.

And yet, there is no Greek chorus on the MSM mourning these events: only Guantanamo & Abu Graib.

Near the end of WW II, when Hitler knew that there was no way he could win, he deployed a submarine a U-235, with a large amount of nuclear materials (enough to make two atomic bombs), to Japan. Shortly after it was sent to sea, Germany surrendered & the submarine arrived at New Hampshire to give it-self up to the US. It is interesting that there is very little mention in the MSM or the syllabi of most schools or college courses of the existence of a Japanese nuclear program & the possibility, though highly disputed, that there was a test in North Korea, which was colonized by Japan at the time.

And yet, there is no mention of this on the MSM: only Hiroshima & Nagasaki & how evil America was to want to end the war & save thousands of lives, both American & Japanese, as well as countless other Asian colonial subjects of Japan. Never mind that had Japan really been prepared to surrender, one bomb would have sufficed.

We are a nation that has forgotten its history. This is partially due to laziness, but also, especially for young people, because history is never taught in a through manner at all levels of education. Multiculturalism & political correctness has taken precedence over facts. Rarely are we taught of all the good things that America has done or the threats she faced from enemies. In fact, any who recognize the threats & insist on acting on them are routinely called "war mongers" or "racists & fanatics". Able Danger told us that there were people who wished to harm us, it told us who they were & yet, the information was not acted upon.

Indeed it is our ignorance of history that allows those who harbor a pathological hatred of America to spread their propaganda. Had we truly been aware of what a real gulag is, would AI's claim have been believed by some? Had we really know what the killing fields of Cambodia & Hitler’s concentration camps were like, would Sen. Dick Durban have dared to make such a spurious claim? Had we been taught about the Japanese nuclear programs as we were taught about Hiroshima & Nagasaki, would there be so much chest beating?

Why is it that our media & education establishments chose to focus only on carefully selected vignettes, which support their ideology? Why do we not know the names of any other mother who lost her son in Iraq other than Cindy Sheehan? Why did the NYT take so long to report the Air America scandal & why did they entitle the article, Bronx Boys Club's Finances Investigated?

We have been much too tolerant of half-truths for much too long. As this nation is a democracy, it is not only the right, but the obligation of every citizen to demand that our history be taught properly & that our media not distort the news.

HAT TIP: Metrolingua, Sailor in the Desert


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