Thursday, August 04, 2005

Open Doors

Looks like a certain open-door advocate wasn't too pleased when people took him at his word.

As Zach says:
Apparently [illegal immigrants] mistook [Rep. Jim] Kolbe's open-door advocacy for, well, a literally open-door policy.

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The ACLU has decided to sue the NYPD over their policy of Random, Voluntary backpack checking on the subways. Given their love for opposing anything that might keep us safe, all I can say is, what took them so long? This policy was implemented two whole weeks ago. Tsk, tsk... the standards are falling. There's only one thing to do about the laziness of the MTV generation of anti-American Commi-lovers: Blame Bush!

As Gribbit at Stop the ACLU points out, the Constitutional basis for their suite is rather shaky, as the Constitution only prohibits unreasonable searches & seizers. The numerous incidences of Islamic terrorists delivering bombs via backpacks offers a good argument as to the reasonability of the policy.
1. The method of choice of most terrorists is the suicide bomb.
2. There have been 4 successful and 4 unsuccessful attempts on subways and buses within the past 4 weeks.
3. We haven’t had an attack on US soil since 2001.
4. Our mass transit systems are a prime target and wide open to attack.
5. New York has the largest subway system in the world. Attacking it would yield massive numbers of casualties. 6. Bomb delivery seems to utilize backpacks and other carry-on type bags.

7. New York refuses to use racial profiling to conduct the searches. So they are being conducted randomly.

Personally, I find the randomness of the checks themselves insane. But, since it is the fashion, & we take great efforts to never be deemed unfashionable, I guess that's the way to go. Here is a wonderful piece on how "Random Fever" is taking all of New York by storm & revolutionizing the way the city is run.

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