Thursday, July 28, 2005

Arrogance! Prejudice! Yogurt!

Is this the new rallying cry of France? In an effort to thwart PepsiCo's bid for the French company Danone, maker of the yogurt as well as Evian water, President of France, Jacques Chirac has asked ministers to come up with new proposals to "reinforce the protection of our strategic companies."

It's one thing to have a strategic interest in oil & gas pipelines, which run across a crucial region, but yogurt & a brand of bottled water, which IMHO doesn't have a prayer against Poland Springs. France is really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days.

I wonder what measures Mousier Chirac intends to take about this? The French hegemony over food & wine, not to mention fashion & art is long gone. Chest beating isn't going to bring it back.


Economist Eye For The Lonely Guy

An economist doles out love advice: for a price.


Double Vision at The ACLU

So, the ACLU thinks that Wicca is a legitimate religion. Fine, but one question:

Why aren't they suing about all the pictures of witches, witch hats & other paraphernalia that decorate any typical government building around Halloween?

HAT TIP: Stop the ACLU


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