Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Immunity From Accountability

San Francisco International Airport is asking the government to shield it from potential lawsuits over failures at security checkpoints.

One of the reasons that private companies do a better job than federal agencies is due to the fact that they have a greater amount of liability, & thus more accountability. If this factor were to be taken out of the equation, is it not possible that they too will become as negligent as the government agencies?

How does offering immunity to private companies give the TSA any competition? It does nothing to raise the industry standards.

I can see how the enormous insurance premiums can be problematic. The way to address that is through legislation to limit the amounts paid for "pain & suffering" & having more stringent regulations against frivolous lawsuits. Immunity is not the answer.


A Ray of Light?

The percentage of people holding a favorable impression of the United States increased in Indonesia (+23 points), Lebanon (+15), Pakistan (+2) and Jordan (+16). It also went up in such non-Muslim nations as France, Germany, Russia and India.

Support for suicide bombing has declined dramatically in all the Muslim countries surveyed except Jordan, with its large anti-Israeli Palestinian population. The number of those saying that "violence against civilian targets is sometimes or often justified" has dropped by big margins in Lebanon (-34 points) and Indonesia (-12) since 2002, and in the last year in Pakistan (-16) and Morocco (-27).

This has been accompanied by a cratering of support for Osama bin Laden everywhere except (unfortunately) Pakistan and Jordan. Since 2003, approval ratings for the world's No. 1 terrorist have slid in Indonesia (-23 points), Morocco (-23), Turkey (-8) and Lebanon (-12).

Muslim opinion also challenges jihadist orthodoxy that proclaims that giving power to the people, rather than to mullahs, is "un-Islamic." The latest Pew poll found "large and growing majorities in Morocco (83%), Lebanon (83%), Jordan (80%) and Indonesia (77%) — as well as pluralities in Turkey (48%) and Pakistan (43%) — [that] say democracy can work well and is not just for the West."

As, the article notes, the Pew Global Attitudes Project, who conducted this study, is not know for its love of America. Therefore, it isn't easy to argue that these numbers were cooked, making them even more convincing.

Could it be that the Iraqi insurgent's targeting civilians, as well as the bombings in Egypt & Lebanon are giving Muslims a wake up call? Could the sight of Iraqi's voting & the citizens of Lebanon banishing their thuggish occupiers have inspired other Islamic countries to yearn for democracy?

Worse :p could the Bushitler have been right?


Tunnels & Terrorists

Two events which took place recently:

A drug smuggling tunnel, from Washington State to Canada, was discovered last week.

Ahmed Ressam, who was arrested, arriving from Canada into Washington, with a car full of explosives, was sentenced to 22 years. He was a member of the group known as the 'Millenium Bombers'. A shopkeeper from Montreal (French Canada), he acted as a facilitator for an Islamic militant cell known as the Armed Islamic Group, or GIA, for its initials in French. This group is affiliated with al-Qeada. Ressam is also a 'graduate' of bin Laden's terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. His co-conspirators, Samir Ait Mohamed and Abu Doha, have yet to be tried as they are awaiting extradition from Canada and Britain.


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