Sunday, July 10, 2005

MSM Coverage of Islam Versus the Catholic Church

Muslim terrorists have murdered over 3,000 civilians in New York, Madrid & London. Muslim Imams & Mullahs glorify the killing of infidels. Yet, the MSM refuses to question, much less condemn any facet of Islam. They constantly refer to Islam as "a religion of peace" & assure us that there is no link between Islam & terrorism.

Contrast this to the MSM treatment of the Catholic Church during the pedophilia scandal. Remember how there was a blizzard of articles criticizing the Church, its structure, its leadership as well as its doctrine. There were also many articles about Catholic "reformers" & former Catholics denouncing many aspects of the Church.

I am certainly not implying that pedophilia is a minor trifle or in any way excusable. I am merely commenting on the tone of the MSM coverage, concerning the connection between doctrine & action, of the two religions when its members engage in egregious acts. Editorials about the Catholic Church were at times hysterical; where as the editorials about Islamic terror pour all of their vitriol on the American government, the CIA or Israel/Jews.

Repeat after me –The media is not biased, The media is not biased, The media is not biased…Keep repeating until you believe it, because as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin said, A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

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