Friday, July 01, 2005

A "Blustering Buffon" Says God Bless America!

As reported earlier on Partial Transcripts, former Swedish hostage Ulf Hjertstrom, has hired bounty hunters to bring to justice his former captors. Just goes to show you that you can't judge a country by its press. Here is an article with a photo of him. I can't imagine how even terrorists could torture an old man like that.

This story has a second part: the loony, Western media reaction to the comments of fellow hostage Douglas Wood. Mr. Wood, who was a fellow hostage with Mr. Hjertstrom, described his captors "a---holes". Andrew Jaspan, the editor-in-chief of The Age, Australia's most Left-wing daily newspaper has denounced Mr. Wood, calling him "coarse" & "boorish". In an interview, Mr. Jaspan said: "I was, I have to say, shocked by Douglas Wood's use of the a---hole word, if I can put it like that, which I just thought was coarse and very ill-thought through and I think demeans the man and is one of the reasons why people are slightly skeptical of his motives and everything else. "The issue really is largely, speaking as I understand it, he was treated well there. He says he was fed every day, and as such to turn around and use that kind of language I think is just insensitive."

Well said, Mr. Jaspan. Why would some say such a nasty thing about people who, "snatched him, kicked him in the head, kept him blindfolded and bound for 47 days, shaved him bald, killed two of his colleagues, made him beg for his life, and [,] shot several other prisoners in front of him".

Joining Mr. Jaspan is Bob Ellis, who has written speeches and slogans for a collective of Left leaders, who, "praise[ed] Wood's kidnappers as "honourable men (with) a well-treated captive". Keysar Trad, spokesman for the Mufti, Sheik Taj el-Din el-Hilaly, also agreed Wood had been "well looked after". "

Indeed, how dare Mr. Wood disagree with a Mufti, especially one who's last, last name is, "el-Hilaly". The only possible loss Mr. Wood might incur from his "stay" in Iraq will be the possible loss of vision due to the malnutrition.

A colleague of Mr. Jaspan, Tracee Hutchinson, at The Age, courageously calls Mr. Wood a "blustering buffoon", moaning: "It was enough that his words God bless America had been played over and over on his release."

Right you are Mr. Hutchinson. How could Douglas Wood praise the American, Australian & Iraqi forces that rescued him & his fellow hostages from months of agon?. Upon his release, the man had the gall to roar out, "God bless America" and praise[] the US-trained Iraqi soldiers -- Iraq's real freedom fighters -- who saved him, saying he was "proof positive that the current policies of the American and Australian governments is the right one".

Isn't it the lefty press a wonderful institution?

HAT TIP: Partial Transcripts


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