Sunday, June 19, 2005

City Life

What makes a city a city: not a "cool, creative class", argues urban expert Joel Kotkin. "No urban civilization has flourished long without middle-class families", and the way to keep them is by building more schools & churches & providing jobs.

His ideas run counter to the orthodox theories of urban life, as he argues that even today, cities must be scared places. Not only do religious leaders give order to city life, but, "they also help[]groups of people who were not related learn how to get along together".

As evidence for his theory he points to the success of cities like Phoenix, AZ & Charlotte, NC versus the state of cities like Cleveland, which have taken the "hip" approach: "They did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they built lofts, they created this kind of new and improved downtown ... [and] what's the result? Poorest city in America, highest percentage of poverty in the country." Hip cities suffer from being ephemeral cities, places where you live for the time being without a true sense on belonging or identification. Food for thought to all those interested in true urban revival. Read the entire article.



As you may have noticed, my blog is still an infant in bloggosphere terms. But, that doesn't mean blogging hasn't had an impact on my life as it is normally lived. Here's a great post on blogging by a blogger of one month. Gosh, it makes me feel so old, does my blog make me look fat?

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