Friday, June 03, 2005

On Top Of The World

The first wedding on top of Mount Everest :)


Racism in Mexico

This post by La Shawn Barber is a must read for anyone trying to make sence of the situation in Mexico.

“Most Americans think of Mexicans as short and dark, despite the fact that Mexican President Vicente Fox is tall and white. So what really is a Mexican, and who is in charge of Mexico? Americans are getting a confused picture, while illegal immigration is rampant, with all its attendant ills. Americans see hordes of swarthy, illiterate workers, yet American media flaunts a ‘white,’ professional Mexican, as president. The reality is the white upperclass really does rule Mexico. Their chauvinism – and the lack of patriotism shown by most of the Mexican population – has helped create America’s illegal immigration problem.
The rulers of Mexico have always been Spanish, or what we might call, Castilian. They are indeed Caucasian, but they are very few in number. Today they make up less than 10 percent of the total population of over 106 million people. The indigenous groups (Mexican Indians) total about 30 percent of the population, and the predominant group, the famous ‘mestizos’ (mixed Indio-Caucasian), comprise about 60 percent.
The mestizos, of course, represent most of the Mexican population migrating (legally or illegally) into America. They definitely do not appear white, but nor do they appear Indian. The 2001 estimate put 40 percent of the Mexican population below the poverty line. Most of what Americans see immigrating, particularly illegally, are in this sector.”

Were is Jesse Jackson & La Raza? Why aren't they concerned about these instances of racism.


Red Companies & Blue Companies

Have you noticed that when there is some sort of negative publicity about a "red company" i.e. a company that contributes mostly to conservatives causes, the MSM does a huge story on it, with insinuations of cover ups & corruption, & makes it headline news. The story on GM's recall of Saturns, for tail light & brake problems, was a headline in the Yahoo main page. The story ends with a bad mouthing of the company.

But, when the shoe is on the other foot, for instance, the recent government investigation of Toyota, for its Prius's stalling without warning, which gives bucketful's to liberal causes, the story only gets a few paragraphs, with no hints of conspiracies, or negative information about the company & is was not featured in the headlines.


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