Thursday, June 02, 2005

Treason at the NYT

Great! The NYT has decided to reveal the identity of a front company & airport used by the CIA to transport terrorists for interrogation. Heaven forbid, we get attacked again, I hope the NYT
will accept their share of the blame. I wish there were legal repercussions for MSM moonbats who place our lives in danger.

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A Great Quote

The American constitution begins with the words "We the people". The starting point for the EU constitution is: "We know better than the people."

Mark Steyn. Telegraph 31/05/2005



Claudia Rosett, has won the Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Journalism this year. It was she who uncovered the Oil-for-Food scandal at the UN. An accolade well deserved.



What About This Amnesty International?

The magical kingdom of Saudi Arabia, governed in accordance to the laws of the most peaceful & feminist religion, Islam, has had a bad day. Consultative Council member Mohammad al-Zulfa had the nerve to propose that,
his colleagues in the government's legislative arm ... discuss the possibility of conducting a study into the feasibility of reversing the ban on women drivers - the only prohibition of its kind in the world.

How could he! Bad, Bad boy!Doesn'tt he know that the fatwas issued by clerics ban women from driving.
Why driving could open up a whole new world for women, why
driving will allow a woman to leave home whenever she pleases and go wherever she wishes.

And after they get used to going where they please, when they please, they'll start asking for the right to travel abroad without a maleguardian'ss permission & marry who they choose, or God forbid, the right to vote!
This sort of outrageous behavior must be stopped. See what happens when you hold elections. What further proof do you need that democracy is an unIslamic product of the satanic America.


Stem Cells

The MSM has used the stem cell research issue to pat themselves on the back about how smart & sophisticated they are, unlike those low IQd, cousin-marrying, right wingers. They always talk about about how the right "opposes stem cell research which could save lives" with pictures of Christopher Reeves & Michael J Fox. They rarely bother to note that the right only opposes using embryonic stem cells. They rarely note that embryos are not the only source of stem cells.

NRO's Kathryn Jean Lopez has done an excellent series on adult stem cells. The umbilical cord is an incredibly rich source of stem cells, as many as 57 disease have been cured using umblilical cord stem cells. But, the MSM chooses to focus on embryo derived stem cells. They argue that there are already so many "abandoned embryos", excess frozen embryos from IVF procedures, who would be destroyed anyway, so why not use them.

But, what happens if we were to open that gate, when the thousands of scientists all demand stem cell lines to experiment on. Would there really be enough abandoned embryos to go around for every lab? It takes more than ten years of research to develop one drug, very few experiments yield a result, very few data gathering sessions go well. Read any scientific paper, they mention that some of the trials were discarded due to procedural mistakes, that is, a lab assistant had put in reagent A instead of B or the grad student had forgotten to store the sample properly. Scientists are human, & they make human mistakes. To develop the kinds of cures they promise, it will take millions, if not billions of embryos.

So, were are these embryos going to come from? If there aren't enough IVF embryos, then the only other alternative is aborted embryos. Even the left, supposedly, agrees that abortion is bad & should be rare, we should all take an effort to prevent an abortion from happening. But, if we needed the embryos for research, they'll be singing a different tune. Who knows, we might even have The National Cancer Society giving an award to the woman who had the most abortions, for being a heroine who "saved the lives of cancer victims".

What impact would it have on teen sex ed programs. Now, at least in theory, sex ed programs are designed to help kids make "responsible decisions". But, abortions are the result of irresponsible decisions, however, if we were to try to reduce their number, we would be hindering the development of life saving cures. A catch 22 isn't it.

We know that each of us have a unique genetic make-up. To develop cures for a genetically caused disease, you must have a cell which contains that particular gene. For example, to study breast cancer, you would need a cell which contains a BRC1 gene ect. What if you were studying a rare type of gene or mutation, how would you get it? Would you have to wait until someone "abandons" or aborts an embryo with that particular sequence, it could take a long time, during which, people, perhaps a beloved celebrity, will die of this painful disease.

Presently, researchers pay women to harvest their eggs for experiments. As abortion is legal & some see nothing wrong with it, why should it not be possible to "buy embryos". Of course it would begin in a way that no one could oppose without looking cold blooded, perhaps a mother conceiving & aborting a fetus to be used to save her sick little girl. Who, after seeing the pain & suffering of the angelic, brown eyed cherub, could find it in their hearts to condemn her? A few days of 24 hour news stations later, most people will give it their blessing.

This will open the gates to an embryo industry which will truel turn women into baby making machines (of course this kind thinking is banned at NOW, were all abortion is good & empowering while all motherhood & marriage is slavery). The women who will be selling embryos will be, for the most part, those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Abortion is harmful, not only psychologically, but physically. What kind of a society will we become, when we condone such horrific exploitation of women.

What will happen to the poor woman who has a sought after gene in her DNA, but refuses to have an abortion, which can provide her children some much needed money? Will women from Third World Countries be recruited to supply embryos? What kind of an effect would this have not only on gender relations, but the haves & the have nots?

Welfare produced a pathological underclassman community, of teenage single mothers & criminally-prone, absent fathers. What will the subtle encouragement of abortion do to this community. Nothing good, that's for sure.

I realize that the scenario I've described is a little dramatic, but if you said 60 years ago, that welfare would create ghettos, you would have been called crazy. The Moynahan Report was mercilessly mocked at the time of its publication.

The good thing is we don't have to allow this to happen. Umbilical stem have shown so much promise. A team of scientists headed by Dr. Yuri Verlinsky of the Reproductive Genetics Institute, Chicago has developed a "stembrid" technique which does not require the destruction of embryos. A 38 year old Korean woman, who had been paralyzed for 19 years walked after being injected with umbilical stem cells.

Really, it's a debate that's not even worth having, adult stem cells can perform as well as embryonic stem cells, they are more readily available, they can be gathered in a humane, fair manner, so why don't we all act like adults & move on?


Hillary Goes to School

A great joke from Matt Brown aka SwineBass via Right Wing News.

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton visited a primary school in Ithaca, New York, to talk about her job as a senator.
After her talk, she offered question time. One little boy put up his hand and the Senator asked his name.
"Kenneth,' he replied.
"And what is your question, Kenneth?" she asked.
Kenneth answered, "I have three questions: "First.....whatever happened to your medical health care plan? Second.....why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office? And third.....whatever happened to all those things you took when you left the White House?"
Just then the bell rang for recess.
Senator Clinton informed the kiddies that they would continue after recess.
When they resumed, she asked, "Okay, where were we? Oh, that's right.....question time. Who has a question?"A different little boy raised his hand; Hillary pointed him out and asked him his name.
"Larry," he replied.
"And what is your question?" continued the Senator.
"I have five questions," he answered, "First.....whatever happened to your medical health care plan? Second.....why would you run for President after your husband shamed the office?Third.....whatever happened to all those things you took when you left the White House? Fourth.....why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early? And fifth.....what happened to Kenneth?"



I asked for ideas on the 2008 Republican nominee in La Shawn's comment section. The names that came up were, George Allen (gov of Virginia), Mitt Romney(gov. of Massachusetts) & Condi Rice. I don't know a lot about governor Allen, so I won't comment on him, but Mitt Romney & Condi Rice are definitely on my list too. A commenter mentioned that Gov. Romeny being a Mormon, might count against him, & he is right, as the articles I've linked to shows. But, declaring your self a Christian makes you a target for attacks too. The illiberal liberals will attack him, but what else is new, they'll attack the Republican candidate anyway. However, I doubt that the sensible right wingers & undecideds will be so prejudiced. If Mr. Romney were to articulate his positions & show himself to be worthy of our trust, he should not have any problems.

Dr. Rice, she is the dream candidate isn't she? (full disclosure: if I got the chance to have lunch with any famous person in the world, it would be her) I personally can't find anything to fault her with. She has carries her self with rare poise & lends a great deal of dignity to her office & she has brains oozing out of her ears. She is cool under fire & suffers no fools. Of course, as the commenter mentions, she has said that she will not run, but, you never know, things can change. The other relevant point is her lack of professional political experience, that is she has yet to run for an elected office. This is a problem, but what if she were to seek a senate seat at the end of this term & then, in either 2012 or 2016, seek the White House. She is young enough to do so & I for one hope so.


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