Sunday, May 29, 2005

Liberal Intolerance

Cassandra's post mentions the affect of the New Deal on America's original republican (when I use noncap letters, I mean the political philosophy not party) character. The liberal dominance of the entertainment industry as well as the elite media means that we are constantly bombarded with lefty propaganda each time we open a newspaper, magazine, watch a movie or play. The biggest problem with this is that it sets a "default" lefty attitude for our culture, particularly in the middle & upper middle classes. No one questions the value or merits of the a womb to tomb welfare state, or lack of ideological diversity, or the campaign to stamp out all traces of Christianity & Western culture from our country.

The model system is the Euro style, ideologically homogeneous, quasi Communist, secular humanist state. The progression into such a system is seen as inevitable & desirable with no discussion of its negative aspects economically or culturally. Any who happen to have dissenting opinions are quickly made to feel the "other" in subtle & not so subtle ways. The atmosphere created by these cultural oligarchs is omnipresent & pervades our lives to the extent that to think outside of this box becomes a chore, even in institutions dedicated to the development of the mind.

When the president proposed overhauling our soon to be bankrupt Social Security system, even Glamour magazine joined in the lynch mob. It was tarred & feathered along class warfare lines (a theme that has been gaining popularity in the MSM these days) as an attempt by the rich to plunder the poor. To speak against the Social Security system is to blaspheme. Very little positive mentions by the MSM on how the new system would be in fact the only way for the young people of this country to be able to enjoy a good retirement. This program was long overdue. A big reason why we tolerate the flood of illegal immigrants is the looming crisis of what will happen when the Boomer retirement gets into full swing.

When Ken Tomlinson, chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting pointed out that much of public (i.e. tax payer financed) television & radio is biased, they cried No, No, No. It really is balanced, it just appears unbalanced to you, you conservative, because you are too stupid to understand what we are saying.

The exclusion of conservative thought is justified by various means. One, conservatives are just not creative-they can't write, they can't sing, they can't make movies. Henry Luce, the founder of Time, to justify his hiring of liberals by the bushel said "Republicans can't write". The second of course is the insinuation that conservatives are inherently less intelligent & therefore unworthy of positions of prominence.

A recent NYT series on class portrays evangelicals as an uneducated, lower class group which people quickly discard with upward mobility. When a student group at Duke pointed out the skewed ratio between professors who claim Democrate leans versus Republican leanings, it was dismissed by the administration as negligible & oblivious. A majority of the attacks on President Bush are of his alleged low IQ. When Democrats mispronounce a word, it's not news, but when a Republican does, it's the morning headlines. Of course, no questions have been raised concerning the IQ levels of Dan Rather, Eason Jordan or the editors of Newsweek inspite of their colossal mistakes.

There has also been an unrelenting campaign to distort & destroy our country's history & character. Organizations such as the ACLU constantly pelt out lawsuits to erase any trace of the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this country was founded & without which the foundations of democracy & republicanism would crumble. While they conduct their activities in the name of secularism, even a cursory glance shows that their target is our heritage. They do not sue about symbols of Islam being displayed in public areas, only Christian.

Educational activists do not object to whitewashed views of non-Western cultures being taught. They do not ask that emphasis be placed on the oppressive nature of indigenous societies. Very rarely do we hear about the large Arab slave trade, the black slaves held by some Native American tribes, Saudi Arabia banned slavery only in 1962 as well as the enslavement of Christine Slavs by the Muslim Ottomans. We are constantly reminded to American mistakes such as Mai Lai & abu Araib, yet we are never reminded of the Japanese atrocities against the Chinese, Koreans, Philippines & American POW's.

In order to restore a balance to the discourse in our country, there needs to be first & foremost an acknowledgement of the ugly biases & barriers that exist. There also needs to be an end to the government sponsorship of one ideology. Only then can we proceed toward a solution which requires all parties to have respect & tolerance for the views of others. Unfortunate the left has shown neither towards the right. This situation must be changed.


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