Friday, May 13, 2005

Border Action

Looks like the military is doing something about the Iraq's Syrian border with Operation Matador. This area is full of terrorist training camps. Despite the difficulty of the job, we are going in prepared.

The 2nd Marines have been to Iraq before: they were the ground combat element of Task Force Tarawa during the invasion in 2003. TF Tarawa was the name given to the task-organized 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade. RCT-2 fought a great deal in the city of Nasiriyah after the 1st Marine Division passed through. I would guess that about 75% of the unit has probably turned over since then, but Marine infantry units have pretty good historical memories -- and the remaining 25% have definitely risen in rank since then.

Unreliable rumor has it that Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may be dead or seriously injured. Let's hope it's true that he is injured & we catch him.


Salute to A Hero

It never cease to amaze me how some people think with their hearts when most us would be thinking with our feet. Even while their lives are in danger, some people look out for those of others. Sgt. William Bailey, 29, of Logan Utah is a fine example. When he noticed that the kids in his area don't have good shoes on their feet, he decided to do something about it by using money from a humanitarian fund set up by his commander.
He & his unit gave away 800 pairs of shoes to grateful kids in remote areas of northeastern Iraq.
Dashnei Ali Mohammed, 13, also selected a black pair, but then switched to orange. It was hard to tell if she was happier about her new footwear or having the chance to mingle with Americans for the first time.
“I never thought they would be this kind,” she said through an interpreter.

Thank-you Sgt. Bailey & the Battery B, 1st Battalion, 148th Field Artillery unit for fighting terror & winning hearts & minds. Way to go guys!

HAT TIP: Michelle Malkin


Michael Yon

A new post from Mr. Yon tells that the situation in Iraq isn't as bad as the MSM makes it sound. I really enjoy reading this blog. Not only is he a wonderful writer, but he offers an unfiltered view of the situation in a calm, non-hysterical way. He gives equal weight to the good & bad of situation.
Interesting how people who are not in Iraq are singing a different tune from the people who are actually there. I read in one milblog by a former cop from a major American city that the streets of Iraq are no worse than what he's used to. The sad truth is he is right. So many young people particularly males leave this earth too early, at least the ones in Iraq do so for a good reason & give the ones they leave behind a reason to look back with pride.


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