Monday, September 19, 2005

Never Say Never

What a way to learn that lesson.

I'm cheering for Hillary in this one.

Tomorrow's headline prediction: Hell Freezes Over

Ten gallon hat tip: Mwalimu Daudi

Oh...who to root for? Who to root for?

I say, celebrity death match on PPV.
Perhaps the leftie media will stop the constant coverage of what Cindy has to say--one can only hope. I for one am disgusted by this woman who thinks her opinion should rule.
Yeah, no kidding. The lefty media's two heroines going at it, whose side will the MSM choose, or will they just hunker down, shut up and ride out the storm?
I think they have been weening themselves away from her, other than to point out her lunacy. Well...except for maybe the columnists at the NY Times. I really think she has been losing much of her support from reasonable moderates who once sympathized with her as a griefing mother; she's moved beyond that now, and some of her support has moved away and distanced themselves.
Quietly tiptoeing to the right Senator Clinton would not like to be caught in the same state as cindy.

I am NOT surprised to read that Hillary will not acknowledge the existance of the sheehan womyn.

Although, cindy's calling out of the Hildebeast is yet another indication of like attracts like.
Great link and post... I left it out of mine, now I have to link to you for the "rest of the story..."
I'm gonna live up to my politics and say that I now dislike Cindy Sheehan very much, where I did not really that much before.

What? At least I'm honest.

I certainly respect her rights to say whatever she pleases though.
This is like trying to decide who to pull for in a Chicom vs North Korea war.
its like gunfight at ok corral ... gee why not make it a mud wrestling match ... too darn funny ... but seriously now , who in the world does she think she is telling anyone they will lose their job , what a nutt job !
She is a brainwashed disgrace to her son and this country. And that's just Hillary. Cindy is worse. No, Camp Casey will NOT be outside Hill's house. Liberals know who their liberal friends are. Sad, but true. They are all one in the same.
Help get the word out! Call Pataki and Bloomberg today, tonight. The decision on the "Freedom Center" at ground zero is tomorrow. Let's make sure it's a NO!
U all watch how quickly the Democrats marginalize Sheehan now she's gone after Hillary. Regardless of her views she's loved by most of the party. It's interesting as it forces Hillary's hand on Iraq, which compromizes her ability to attack the Administration over the next few years.

Very interesting stuff.

Hope ur okay NYGirl :). Miss ya.
Here in DC, I understand that Hillary is planning to meet with Sheehan today.
She met, and disagreed with her on the war (I don't think to her face, though).

Hillary Clinton: Peace Mom Wrong on Iraq War
Thanks for the link, Conservative UAW Guy! It sounds like HRC was her usual I-coulda-liberated-Iraq-before-breakfast-with-the-UN-tied-on-my-little-finger-behind-my-back self.

What a meeting that must have been! Hilly the Hun vs. The Creep from Camp Casey. Sounds like something on WWF pay per view.
My prediction: Hillary will say she opposes the war when saying so is to her political advantage. My view of her is that she will say what is expedient for her own interests. The real Hillary--she does have views and they are far left--is not likeable, politically or personally. Cindy Sheehan rivals her, though, on my disgustometer.

Over at ,
I found the following list as to how to oppose Hillary's candidacy:

1 Highlight the amount of Saudi money the Clinton library recieved.

2 Compare her non record with that of Chucky (Cheese ) Schumer. According to Brill the survivors of 9-11 received zero help from her but Chuck was every where.

3 Replay the Booos of the Firemen at the WTC memorial.

4 Point out she has never been to a Yankee or Met game. In fact when her picture was
on the scoreboard in Shea Stadium for a commercial she was booed. Schumer goes to the games and delivers .

5 Make her comment on the outrageous behavior and comments of Charlie " Red " Rangel.
Rangel has praised Castro and held parties for him . Does she agree with Rangels obscene comments comparing the Holocaust to Iraq or Bush to Bull Connor.

6 Talk about Marc Rich.

7 Mention her lie on 9-11 that had her worried about Chelsea who was allegedly jogging near the towers.

8 Talk about filegate and who hired Craig Livingstone.

9 Mention her embrace of Suha Arafat and the fact that Yasser Arafat was the most frequent White House Guest.

10 Make her comment on Michael Lerner who is or was an alleged close friend.

11 Make her seperate herself from the Sheehan lunacy. Let her say that any talk of Joooish Cabals or Israel instigating the Iraq war is anti semitic.

12 Pardons for FALN terrorists.

13 Let us replay the tape of Bill Clinton telling an audience that Sudan did offer Bin Ladden well before 9-11. Why was the offer turned down.

14 Ask if Monica Lewinsky was part of the Vast right wing conspiracy. Where does this conspiracy meet and is Mr Beamish its unofficial leader. Why don't they take responsabilities for their own failures. She has been preaching this advice to Bush.

15 How can we elect you to represent us if you aren't even courageous enough to sit for a hostile interview with a Shawn Hannity or Bill OReilly. The only interviewer who has ever treated her with less then kid gloves is Tim Russert.
Hey girl, just wanted you to know I'm still alive. I'm currently @ the training facility for MSC (and it's the only place I've been able to access the internet in a while and for a while). I'll be here 2 weeks before I finally get put on a ship.
Hope you're having a good time wherever you are...
Yeah, where are you, nygirl?
Wherever you are, NY Girl, I hope all is well.
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