Friday, September 30, 2005


Thank you so much for the emails & comments. I apologize for not being able to blog & respond to emails these days. I was in a car accident & things have been a bit tough. But, things are getting easier & I hope to be back next week :)

God must have heard you guys. Thanks again.

I'm glad to hear from ya.

now...about that blockquote...
Welcome back. Feeling better I hope. Take your time.
God bless you, NYGirl. Mend soon and rejoin us as soon as you are able.
Be well...soon!
hey, good to hear from you and sad to hear of your troubles... keep well and hope to see you soon again...
I'm so glad you're ok :). Look forward to you being back soon...
Yes, glad you're okay-- in the past, you've said up front that you would be "not blogging" for a few days, so your mysterious disappearance was cause for alarm.

I look forward to your return.
Great to hear you are OK!! I have missed your posts.
I hope you get better soon. You've certainly built up a big following quickly.
Good thoughts & prayers going up for you.
I know only too well about car accidents. I got rear-ended by a cabbie on May 17.

Praying for your quick recovery!
I hope you are feeling better.
Hey, I hope you're all right!

Now... Let's get back to more liberal-bashing! And soon!
Get better, NYgirl. Take your time.

Get a life, damian g. There's more important stuff than bashing others.
Hey, sorry to hear that. Hope you're recooping.
Whoa-- glad to hear you're OK!
Hey Hon....Im sorree to hear about your accident...and very glad that things are looking brighter!

Cyber Hugs!
Glad to hear you're OK. I'll be praying for your recovery.
Of-tah! A little fender-bender or are you in the market for a new car and replacement hips?
Glad to hear you are OK. Welcome back.
So glad to know that you are ok. You have certainly been missed! Get better soon!
All the best!
Happy to hear you are okay. You're in our prayers.
Yikes! Hope you start feeling better!
Very Happy yuo are Ok.
Hoping for your quick recovery.

Hi from Italy ;)
Who said the cyber world is cold & impersonal?

Thank you so much for all the prayers & good wishes. I can't tell you how much this means to me.

I am feeling much better now, so I will be back ASAP :)

God bless you all. Take care & be safe.
Glad to see you alive and...well, alive I suppose. Hope you are doing well, also. I don't think I'd ever own a car in NY. It seems crazy navigating through the city streets.

Take good care of yourself.
Be well! God Bless. BelieverThinker (
Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.
Take care on your self first. Don't worry about us... even though we await your return quite impatiently...
So sorry to hear that, hope all is well.
I've been so busy in my SCOTUS myopia, that I haven't been over here.

Glad you're still with us.

jeezz hope all is well with you , get well soon ..
First of all, let me wish you a speedy recovery. *Hug* I just came across your site - you've got a great blog! :) I recently began blogging in the conservative political realm. Stop by my site sometime: Http://

You've been blogrolled, by the way! :)
I hope to see you smashing the tablets of liberal stupidity soon.
Do get well soon NYGirl. The blogosphere just isn't the same without you.
Dear NYGirl,

You're claim to be okay is not so convincing since you haven't posted since the accident.

Thinking of you,
I was just thinking the same thing.

I miss your postings!
You just take your time and get better. That's what's important.

Best wishes.
Look forward to having you back. Take care of yourself.
You sure you're OK? Would be good to hear from you.
You are way too valuable to go getting hurt. Be careful, dammit!
Sorry, I'm late... as usual. Best wishes from jurassic Italy.
hey its been over a month since your last post , hope we hear from you ..
yeah. sorry to hear about your accident. get better soon.
Boo! Happy Halloween.
I hope you're ok NYGirl. You have all my best wishes wherever you are.
Get well soon! We all miss you :(
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Please come back!
The spammers are coming!!!
Stupid spammers.
We miss u

Happy thanksgiving ;)
Happy Thanksgiving.
Hope you are well. :)
Happy Gobble Day!
NY Girl--

I don't know, like most of us due to your lack of communication, how you're doing, and you must understand that there are quite a lot of us "out here" who are concerned.

I truly hope that whatever your present circumstances are, you are okay and things are fine.

That said, I am wishing you a great Thanksgiving, for you and yours, and hoping you'll be back with us sometime soon.
I am getting worried about our NY Girl.

I hope that you are okay.
I agree monicar. I hope she's alright :(.
Hmmmmm.....this silence is scary........what is goin on......I pray that your ok sweety......keep the prayers flowing folks...
*sigh*....just checkin' in.

You sure do have a lot of blogging buddies, NYgirl. I feel the love.
Checking in.
I hope you get well. I've been in a major car accident, too, luckily I was able to walk away. I'm praying for you.

Merry Christmas from Dubai, United Arab Emirates!
Merry Christmas NYgirl, and to all your loyal readership here.
Merry Christmas...
Wherever you are...
merry christmas...your in our thoughts and prayers peace be with you and yours.........i still wonder what is goin on and hope your too bussy,comp fried or something like that
wishful thinking?
Hope 2006 proves to be a prosperous year for you, nygirl!

Please give us an update whenver you can. Doesn't matter if you aren't able to blog; just let us know that you are alright.
I'm sorry to that and sorry it took me this long to find out. I wish you the best of health in the New Year.
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