Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogging For Katrina's Victims

Hugh Hewitt (spelling corrected :) proposed that bloggers dedicate today's post to helping the victims of hurricane Katrina. Considering the slow responce of several major companies to Katrina's victims (h/t: 44 South Street), I am more than willing to join in.

Upon recovering from the shock of hearing casualty estimates, I felt a terrible pang of regret for never having visited New Orleans when I had the chance. It was a place I had always wanted to experience- the music, the food & the beautiful architecture. It was a lesson on the ephemeral nature of beauty & the folly of procrastination.

While many have been behaved in a manner so brave & noble that they stand as a credit to all of humanity, some have displayed the worst of human characteristics. I cannot help but look back at the NYC blackout in 2003, where despite the chaos, there was very little looting & rampant crime. The possibility of terrorist involvement as well as the experience of 9/11 no doubt had a sobering effect on the city.

As for the Kosmanauts, the DUmp & company, I refuse to dignify their tripe by exerting the effort to refute them.

To help the victims of Katrina, I will be donating to the Salvation Army, a charity which I have seen do a lot of fine work & one which spends the monies entrusted to them efficiently as well as Soliders Angels who are helping military families affected by the disaster. They need not only money, but also diapers, personal care items, clothing as well as a variety of other necessities to help the refugees. The affected families will also need help re-establishing their lives.

I pray that no one will need to use this, but this is the link to the Missing Persons Board. In an unrelated note, if anyone has had any news of Sulfuric Attitude, please leave a comment or email me. We miss the H2So4, can't wait to have you get back in the blogosphere my friend.

My thoughts & prayers go out to all the victims of Katrina & their families. God Bless America.

Update: I don't want to point fingers, but this picture raised my blood pressure a tad.

To balance the slow response from some companies, I was listening to Michael Medved earlier, and he had a list of quite a number of companies who HAVE stepped up to the plate; and I believe the corporate companies have so far pledged over 100 million altogether. I wish I knew where he got that list from, so I can see which companies have made large contributions.
Oh, and please proof read the very first two words in your post. I'm sure Mr. Hewitt would be quite flattered. Quick! Someone send out an e-mail to him!
Wordsmith, thank you so much for pointing that out :) I am a huge fan. If only I weren't so clumsy.

And, you're right, many companies have responded generously, in fact the update at Mr. Hewitt's blog notes that Amazon just gave a contribution.
Haven't had a chance to read you these days...
You see? Solve the problems here before getting into somebody else's business. You didn't even had enough troops to control New Orleans' mess.
I don't approve looters but isn't it STUPID to kill people for looting, caring about material stuff when there are plenty of things to worry about. I've never understood this mercantilist way of thinking.
If we have to look for something positive from this tragedy I would said, tasting a bit of the thirld world and OPEN YOUR EYES, there is people outthere dying without food or water while we waste food at homes and restaurants.
Poor people, let's hope this thing gets fixed soon.
By the way, gas prices! 3.20 where I leave, now EVERYTHING will go up, this country is becoming a mess, and thank god people is at least talking about gas prices now, AT LEAST there is people coming out of the bubble and saying something about this MESS.
Bring the troops home, fix this country and then... just then, try to save the world or conquer it or whatever.
The LA and New Orleans government should have had a better handle on this instead of getting on their knees and begging for help. They should have said "hey, this is what we're doing, this is what we need to continue what WE'RE doing."

Well LA governor had a great idea!
"Start shooting people oooowooooo"
I guess happy trigger policy is what has always ruled this country's policies anyway.
It's so easy for the governor to say that from a place with drinking water, electricity and food, and diapers for her kids. Just kill them, great! who cares! black poor people, who gives a sh*t? let's save iraquis meanwhile we let this people dies and kill themselves there.
Even if they had an idea for evacuating the city, let's say bring the national guard and evacuate people that don't have a car (most of them). Where were they going to be? in iraq trying to "save the world" from brutal dictators, or terrorism, or WMP, or charity or whatever excuse they make up every different day.
Wake up!
By the way,a friend of mine in VA is collecting funds and sending drinking water there, I'll send her a check, are you guys doing something? try something different than red cross, maybe someone you trust that is close to the tragedy or something.
Oh girl, Chavez offered food and help to LA. That's the guy that wants to terrorize the US and is friend from Al-quaeda and all that...
The awful thruth is wispering at your ears, and still many people refuses to say anything against this administration for being considered anti-patriotic or communist. What a shame that these thigns happen in such a rich country as the US.
No, I criticize "this administration" for not doing enough, but you realize such criticism can only go so far. Such is 20/20 hindsight. It is easy to be a "Monday Morning" quarterback when you have the rewind button at your fingertips.

Over at Chrenkoff, one of the threads generated tons of responses, I copied some of the more instructive (instead of blaming this or claiming "you are politicizing" that:

Let me offer my two cents to this contrived "debate":

- According to eyewitness accounts, the hurricane caused relatively little damage in New Orleans. Immediately after the hurricane passed the power was out and numerous trees were down, but the city escaped the serious damage seen in Alabama and Mississippi from the winds, rain and tidal surge.

- The levee was washed out by surges in the Mississippi River coming from UPRIVER. The serious flooding began some 48 hours after the passage of the hurricane. There are NO icebergs on the Mississippi - global warming, cooling, etc. are irrelevent.

- The lead time on levee construction is 20 years. The decisions on levee strength exsisting in 2005 were made during the Reagen administration.

- New Orleans was destroyed by FLOODING, not winds, rain or tidal surge. Flooding is a 24/7 risk in a city built below sea level, whatever's going on in the Atlantic. The presumed tardiness of the additional government aid was a function the time period by which the floods followed the hurricane.

- One-quarter of the population of New Orleans is government dependents. Like Detroit, another Democratic-controlled fiefdom, New Orleans is a failed city with an economic base insufficient to support itself or its infrastrucure without the tax largese extracted from the rest of the country. The city didn't even have back-up power for the pumps that siphon out the foot of water that normally seeps into the city EVERY DAY.

- The NORMAL crime rate in New Orleans is 10 TIMES the national average. With 100% of law enforcement and national guard resources (which were prepositioned for the storm, not the subsequent flood) removed from crime control and devoted to search and rescue it was predictable the city's "bohemian" population would resort to violence.


As for Bush cutting the funding for levies. . .a moot point as the work was scheduled to take over twenty years. If the program was funded in 2001, they would just now be completing the engineering/design work and about halfway through the enviromental impact studies required by law. No dirt would have been moved yet.

To the moonbats:
We know, absolutely everything in this world that is wrong is Bush's fault. It's his fault that it actually takes a few days to fill ships with food, supplies, and people to bring help to the hurricane survivors in the Gulf coast. It's his fault that we didn't spend untold billions of dollars on "the emergency squad" that consists of apparently endless federal funding, magically-now-useful-again-because-they-serve-the- left's-purpose-right-now National Guard troops, and the president sitting in his lair just waiting to push the red button to send them toward whatever trouble happens in this world (it's also his fault that he didn't bring said button with him to Crawford). It's his fault that Bill Clinton couldn't sign Kyoto because the Senate (which, last time I checked, consists of republicans and democrats) voted 95-0 to not authorize it. It's his fault that real life situations like hurricane disaster relief aren't solved in a quick, concise, half-hour timeframe like shows on TV. It's his fault that the looters in NOLA had to take 1,500 police that would otherwise be saving lives to go and stop the lawlessness. It's his fault for just about everything. We get it.
indolene | 09.02.05 - 2:25 am | #

As far as the lack of refineries goes, Wolfgang Clement has a point. During the Carter years -- shudder -- we had a gas crises. The large vertically integrated oil companies that were still pumping oil sent their production to their own refineries while cutting back deliveries to outsiders. This crime against socialism was punished by government decree, so the oil companies were forced to "share" their "unfair" access to oil with others. That changed the spread sheet rules for investing in refineries. Guess what, it no longer paid to invest in new refineries.

As for Herr Clement's accusation, yes, we Americans did screw up on building refineries, but only because our socialist party -- aka The Democratic Party -- behaved like European Marxists.
VRWconspiracy | 09.02.05 - 8:33 am | #

For years Leftist's have been falsely accusing Bush for being a dictator, but now that a natural diaster has hit they are wondering why Bush did not immediately take over control of LA and NO, impose martial law, send in federal troops, make decisions above state and local governments.

Note to moonbats, the American system is not designed so that the federal government takes over control of State and local governments! This standard is what prevents the federal government from moving towards into despotism. You know, the very thing you have falsely accused this federal government of being.
syn | 09.02.05 - 8:58 am | #

I heard this from a reliable shource who had lived in New Orlwans.

Core of engineers has been encouraging upgrading of levi system for over 40 years. Latest round is more of the same.

Serious construction has never got off the ground for a number of reasons:

1 Local and State government did not want to put up the required matching funds (20%, I believe). Priorities were for other projects.

2 Many did not want it "in my backyard" - some lakefront property would be surrendured to levi etc..

3 Many objected to "disturbing the environment".

No doubt the present administration took much of this history into consideration in its funding decisions.

Based on the history, Feds likely didn't take seriously desire of NO and LA to contribute to these projects.

Comments about "underfunding" should consider this history.
Frank Zavisca, M,D. | 09.02.05 - 9:18 am | #

Right on!
"There are NO icebergs on the Mississippi - global warming, cooling, etc. are irrelevent."

However, it's agreed by many scientists that climate changes as a consecuence of global warming have brought harder and more frequent droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods not only here but all over the world.

I think people (at least me) is not critizicing the administration for they things they (or the local government) should have done but for the things they should do when they expect this to happen. Come on, a category four is coming and if the local government do nothing then the COMMANDER IN CHIEF (you love to call this guy this way) just stay in his ranch and do nothing either? Isn't that people under his responsibility also? Where are the troops and national guard to comply with the mandatory evacuation??? You can expect that the city will be chaos but you don't enough because the local government does nothing??? it's your responsibility also.
Crime sometimes is created by desperation, although I agree that most of the looters were stealing things that they can't use or eat, which is obviously stupid. But about food and water and diapers and getting into houses to get food? I would have done the same you bet. "Bohemian" hahaaaa that's what I want to become... I better change my goals from now on ;-)
Blaming Clinton for not signing Kyoto means an excuse to Bush not to do it???? (I don't think democrats are too differents from you guys by the way so don't take it personal).

"For years Leftist's have been falsely accusing Bush for being a dictator, but now that a natural diaster has hit they are wondering why Bush did not immediately take over control of LA and NO, impose martial law, send in federal troops, make decisions above state and local governments."

Cuz Bush is (how can I say something without calling him stupid? mmmm)... well. Cuz he does the things the opposite way like naming the UN ambassador like a king your majesty George W Bush but not taking quick action when he should. Well, I am divided on this one, if this guys messes up when he "thinks" we know what happens when he acts out of if guts... Ow there are some WMD somewhere there... go deatroy that country just because I have a gut feeling that there is something wrong.
It was said to your president that an attack to NY, a hurricane over NO and an earthquake to SF could occur.
He has three years to prepare the country for an earthquake, do something please since you failed on the other two tasks. Please do not blame the local governments later (I bet SF is democrat).

P.S: I recognize criticizing Bush for almost everything that happens in the planet =) That's one of my favorite hobbies =) I always try to proof the things I claim, but check them yourselves I may be a "bit" biased here, someone has to do opposition guys.

Enjoy the long weekend! (If you can find regular gas, it's missing in places of DE and VA so far).
I Am truly sad for New Orleans people, unfortunately I dont know to write it with the right words.

God bless you, your friend and America,

Your fiend and ally

Oh I agree with you on some of your points caribe, the non-political ones. However, the LA governer should have mobilized the national guard under her command and the very second they made the evacuation mandatory, they should have driven around with busses and bussed people out instead of expecting them to do it themselves (often when many of them don't have the capabilities to do it).

Saying MANDATORY EVACUATION, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY but then turning around and saying that they have to do it with their own means is horrible. Sort of like what the Kyoto protocol was about.


Forcing people to comply with regulations that they literally CAN'T pay for is short-sighted and self-centered.

Why do you think the U.S. senate voted 95-0 AGAINST ratifying the protocol. It was incomplete, and it basically forced regulations on countries that didn't have the capability to pay for such standards.
Thank you for your kind words Roberto. Nothing is more elequent than simplicity & sincererity.

Henry, you make a great point. A lot of these environmental regulations are harmful to development.
Looking for information and found it at this great site...
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