Monday, August 15, 2005

What Planet Are These People From?

I couldn't help asking myself that question when I read these two items about Katie Couric (hat tip: Ex-Donkey) and PETA (hat tip: Dell Gines, Eco9er)

Meanwhile, here in planet earth:
Last year, 1,500 Nigerian Christians were massacred by Islamic fundamentalists, 173 churches were burnt to the ground and 75,000 people were displaced. In the states of Plateau and Bauchi, more than 1,000 widows and 9,000 fatherless or orphaned children were left without much hope as a result of the massacres. (hat tip: Fundamentally Right)

Where's the outrage?

this is the main question ...where's the outrage ?
you know the word 'Islam' literary means 'peace'.
But I think they are not aware of this.
Not only in Nigeria, they are spreading terrorism and hatred throughout the world. I also want to know 'WHY' ?
And where is the UN? As for Katie C. - who cares?
Great Blog!

I just started mine, no where near as good as yours.
Obviously the situation in Nigeria is Bush's fault. Once the MSM tires of Sheehanmania, expect them to "connect the dots" for us.
Apparantly the outrage has all found itself within me! I am so sick of the hypocrisy of times like these.

Its like looking for hope in a hopeless world and love in hateful times. Downright frustrating.
The United States feels comfortable with identifying itself as the Ark and defender of freedom, but why not of Christianity? How about defending the freedom to practice religion without fear?

Also: Islam is actually a verb that means "submission" and Muslim is a derrivative meaning "one who submits."
USA gets all the hatred from everyone , yet who do they call when they need something , as for why are they spreading hatred towards us , one thing comes to mind ...
Avik..Islam means "submission" in Arabic. And no I'm not kidding. What is happening in Africa is a "ethnic cleansing", the Dictator over their hired Muslim Militia's to kill Catholics. And that is why the MSM is very "quiet" about this.

NYgirl..As always my dear, I do love your post...Still not single? lol
I think Katie said what she did to try and identify with "regular Americans," the ones who turn in to "Today" every morning. However, that doesn't make what she said any less ridiculous - a person who makes millions a year doesn't truly need to worry about rising gas prices, like someone who has a low-paying job and supports several children does.

As far as PETA is concerned, this is what happens when you place animals on the same level as humans. Save the spotted owl and harbor seals, by any means necessary, but gives us abortion on demand!
No-one is that much concerned about black africans killing black africans. Perhaps if white South Africans were involved the media would sit up and take notice?

Seriously, nobody wants to condemn Islam for it's aggression, and nobody wants to stop Saudi Arabia funding so much Islamic terrorism. Until we admit the reality of the situation, this will keep happening. Islam is not a religion as we understand religions.
It's the same in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is engaging in much the same kind of activities as the Khmer Rouge, and there's a real possibility of mass starvation in that country in the very near future. But nobody cares. It's a form of soft racism: "Well, what can you expect from THOSE people?"
Well, its also a result of media-fatigue. After all, genocide by attrition continues daily in Sudan without a much notice from the main stream media.

Also, someone cares: The AU has been progressive in dealing with Mugabe's Zimbabwe. They lack a significant force on the continent but, thanks to western deference, they have gained some legitimacy.
And so there is horrible violence happening in Zimbabwe, in Nigeria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan... lots of violence to go around. We are all outraged. But what is the solution? War? More killing? We'll kill them to show them that killing is wrong? And their families will see the horror of killing and will then kill us to show us that killing is wrong?

We need to be outraged and we need solutions that are workable and not more of the same. Violence is their solution, not mine.
I think deaths and killings of felow human beings needs to be disdained wherever it happens, without any labels of religion.

non violence is the way out but that requires "more" courage which most of us sometimes lack
This situation is a perfect example of the non-violent solution. Don't send in troops, don't tell monsters stop or we shoot, just let the UN issue "strongly worded memos" & form committes & write reports.
I know that it sounds to you like pacifists are advocating "doing nothing" (I know because I hear it all the time), but we're not. I reference my answer:

"We need to be outraged and we need solutions that are workable..."

Our solutions, not theirs. I know I've gone over this before, but there are other solutions (ICC, International police, avoiding creating the situations in the first place, etc, etc).

But let's assume you're right, that peaceful means are insufficient.

Then tell me this, Sister NY: how many countries do we need to send an army to stop the violence? Somalia? Zimbabwe? Nigeria? Colombia? Pakistan? Iraq? Phillipines? Liberia? Congo? North Korea? China?

How many countries will we need to wage war in to stop the violence? Who will decide which countries to "pacify"? Who will do the soldiering?

It seems to me that EVEN IF you believe in the sometimes necessity of violence to stop violence, you'd still want some other workable solutions to lighten the load on the military and our wallet.

(And they call liberals "big government" lovers!)
NO non violence is not inaction. non violence is not being a by stander. Non violence is not being ignorant or being immune.

It is being aware and making a difference without killing or shooting. Killing someone is the simplest thing nowadays but that does not solve the problem...
I have a former student who worked as a missionary for a few years in Sudan. The tales he brought back are hair-raising. Muslim barbarities like you wouldn't believe--much of it Arab Muslims on African Muslims.

He said the same goes on in Nigeria, but with the twist that the barbarities were Muslims on Christians.

In his time over there, my former student saw very few pacifists willing to serve, even to humanitarian needs. It used to be that pacifists (Quakers, Mennonites, Brethren, etc.) were working to help these people reform themselves.

Sorry to be so un-pc, but sometimes pacifism has to step back and let the military quell things a bit so as to restart peace.

Oh, and the above missionary I've mentioned comes from a long line of military folk, who after they had served, began missionary and outreach work in their golden years.
Horrors indeed. But my question stands: How many nations are we going to send our military in to "quell"?
Dan, I suggest that is the wrong question. The questions that the MSM and the antiwar movement should be asking are: Why are so many other nations shirking their responsibility towards their fellow human beings in like Iraq, North Korea, and Zimbabwe? Why are terrorists in Iraq given a free pass by Cindy Sheehan and others in the antiwar movement and MSM (no, Bush is not the "real" terrorist here)? Why did almost the entire Western world bug out in Rwanda during the genocide? Why has Darfur disappeared from Western media reports?

To disagree with the Bush's policy is one thing, but for the MSM and antiwar movement to offer nothing except abandonment of these people - and trying Bush in an international kangaroo court - is beyond belief.

Always on watch: I was in Tanzania for six years, and my wife is Tanzanian. We agree with your assessment of Muslim barbarism. Although I don't think that Tanzania is nearly as bad off as the Sudan, it is getting there. Pray God that it does not.
The antiwar movement has many suggestions, but few are enacted. I've gone over them here before (ICC, Dept of Peace, Just Aid), shan't bother now. You've already said you disagree. Which is fine. Just stop saying that we're not offering suggestions.

From a conservative/libertarian point of view, I don't think my question (how many nations are we going to invade/quell/pacify with a military) is wrong at all? Who's going to do it? Are you proposing that we send our stretched military to Sudan? And then stretching it more and send it to Nigeria? And then reallllly stretch it and send it to China?

Y'all often claim that peacemaking initiatives are impractical, I'm just looking for some practicality from your pov.
Let me try again it, Dan. Why are nations like Germany, France, and others who pose as the moral & intellectual betters of the USA not doing anything in Iraq, North Korea, and Sudan? Where is the outrage towards tyranny and terrorism from the antiwar movement and the MSM? Dan, none of them are so much as lifting a finger to displace the evil that is crushing the lives out of the people in these countries. An occasional bored-sounding comment by these groups towards terrorist activity does not count for much.

Now, if it's military & diplomatic tactics you are talking about -should we invade North Korea or blockade, for example - that would quite interesting (hint, hint NY Girl!).

All I want to know is why so many Iraq war protesters have gone AWOL on the question of terrorism and human rights violations by terrorist nations.
Could it be because we're busy fighting the human rights violations and terrorism committed by our own nation?

Charity begins at home, you know. And so does responsibility.
Dan, what is being called for here? Should the USA admit to crimes it did not commit so that terrorists do not have to admit to crimes they did commit? That's responsibility? Where does the truth fit into this (namely that Islamofascists are slaughtering innocent people in Sudan, Iraq and elsewhere, while most countries look the other way)?

One can be thankful that Hitler and the Nazis did not hit upon this scheme of deflecting blame. We might be still be fighting them otherwise.
We were convicted of war crimes over our involvement in Nicaragua 20 years ago and fined $17 B-B-Billion. We ignored it. We have violated the Geneva Convention in this war. We supported coup d'etats in Venezuela and probably Haiti.

If I were a Iraqi, I'd be protesting Iraqi crimes first before I'd protest US crimes. I'm not an Iraqi. I'm a US citizen. My first responsibility is, to quote the Bible, to pull the log from my own eye before criticizing my neighbor. What part of personal responsibility do you not understand?

Personal responsibility. Read about it. It used to be a hallmark of conservatives...
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