Friday, August 05, 2005

Up North & Across the Pond

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadians can put away those extra welcome mats -- it seems Americans unhappy about the result of last November's presidential election have decided to stay at home after all.
In the days after President Bush won a second term, the number of U.S. citizens visiting Canada's main immigration Web site shot up sixfold, prompting speculation that unhappy Democrats would flock north.
But official statistics show the number of Americans actually applying to live permanently in Canada fell in the six months after the election.

LONDON - Prime Minister Tony Blair proposed strict anti-terror measures Friday that would allow Britain to expel foreigners who preach hatred, close extremist mosques and bar entry to Muslim radicals. "The rules of the game are changing" following last month's bomb attacks, he declared.....
The prime minister said some of the measures will require legislation and that he would consider asking Parliament to reconvene next month — rather than October — to take up the proposals. Other measures, such as broadening the grounds for deportation, can be enacted immediately, but likely will face court tests.
Blair said the government was prepared to amend human rights legislation if legal challenges proved insurmountable

Under the proposals, anyone who preaches hatred or violence could be deported, those linked to terrorism would be automatically refused asylum and steps would be taken to make it easier to strip naturalized citizens of their British citizenship if they preached violence.
The government also will consider a request from police and security services to hold terror suspects for three months without charge. The limit is 14 days. The measures also would extend the use of home arrest for Britons who can't be deported.
New powers would be created to allow the closure of mosques that foment extremism.
Authorities will draw up lists of radical preachers who will not be allowed to enter Britain, and a list of radical Web sites and bookstores. Any foreigner who "actively engages" with those places could face deportation.
Membership in extremist Islamic groups such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir would also become a crime, as would glorifying terrorism.

Oh the irony.

HAT TIP: Shipwrecks, Regular Ron

It's a difficult period for Blair at the moment. Many people consider these proposals as an admission of previous failures... I'm not one of those people, however.

What's funny is the way so many people suddenly feel so threatened by the prospect of losing fundamental civil liberties. In the UK as opposed the US, we have CCTV footage on every city street, we have hidden speeding cameras on most roads, we are about to introduce I.D. cards. This is not a society that places a great deal of emphasis on individual liberty, but more so, a focus on the greater good. Hence the above measures. When people respond vitriolically to proposals like this saying that they compromise our civil liberties it makes you realise how disengaged they are from what actually goes on in their country.
It'd be more than smart for the U.S. Gov't to take a page from Blair's book on this, but it won't happen because we have orgs here like the ACLU and others whose political agendas supercede the protection of American lives and property.
Hey, thanks for the linky love there sweetheart.

Oh the irony, is right.Now, when I say "if Hilliary becoms Pres. I'm moving to the islands".

I mean it.

It is interesting that Blair is apparently leap-frogging the US in some aspects of dealing with Islamic terrorism--racial profiling for example.

At the same time, it is still quite possible that this is all just though talk. Time will tell if he is really prepared to carry though when the opposition to these measures becomes vocal. Let's hope he is.
My sister threatened to move to Canada during the elections too. LOL! Didn't happen. All talk.
Graham you mention a very interesting point. I must say, when I saw all the video footage of the terrorists I was quite surprised. The situation is a bit of a between a rock & a hard place, no?

While, they did seem a bit intrusive, I must confess that I was very impessed by the speed with which the British authorities acted toround up the culprites & will have not trouble procecuting them in court.

As Seth points out, we have organizations liek the ACLU which as a matter of policy oppose everything expect gun control legislation.

Graham, do you have similar organizations in the UK? If so how are they dealt with?

Ron, you're welcome. It was a great story. Don't every say you'll move. We can survive Hillary, if it comes to that.

You're right Zach, I too am watching if this will be just all talk & no action. I hope it won't be, because then we can cite it in America & hopefully get some better legislation.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Jay, a nice boy like you having a sister like that :) Just kidding, I'm sure she's very nice. And who knows, just might join the Stop the ACLU one day. As long as thers' life, there's hope.
Britain is already a bit like a Police state, this additional legislation might have unforseen consequences for the population as a whole.

A lot of the problems Blair has are through his own legislation. He has made it harder to deport aliens, and forced the courts to intervene in matters that shouldn't concern them.

Britain should not be allowing any so-called refugees to enter the country. Let them find countries nearer home. What they seem to want are welfare benefits and freedom to particpate in any political activity they want. No matter how radical or violent. The British government has failed to act against them, time and time again, and even allowed some of these lunatics to become citizens.

When will the British goverment look after the interests of Britons, rather than some degenerate foreigners?

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