Monday, August 08, 2005


Goodbye Mr. Jennings.

It is sad.
Isn't it. No matter how I felt about him as a journalist, he did leave the world too soon & will be missed by his family & friends. I cannot imagine how they feel at this time.
I was intrigued to learn that he carried around a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution of the U.S. with him. He became a U.S. citizen just a few years ago, I think.
I knew that he is a former Canadian, but I didn't know that he valued the Consitution so much.

I've noticed that you value what you had to work for more than what you get as a birth right. Immigrants tend to be more appreciative of America than those who were born here. They know that, while it is far from perfect, things are much worse in other countries.
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