Saturday, August 13, 2005

Illegal Immigration

Bad News: The towns of New Ipswitch & New Hudson lose the right to arrest illegals for trespassing. The Mexican government paid the legal fees of defense lawyers & hired the New Hampshire ACLU to procure lawyers for the cases. While the American people have lost, the people of New Ipswich may have won in spite of the ruling: "I think they plan on staying out of Hudson and New Ipswich, N.H.," said Randall Drew, one of the illegals lawyers.
(Background Info: here & here)

Good News: Despite much opposition, even from some local Republicans, county commissioner, Robert Vasquez, is continuing his fight against illegal immigration, by using federal anti-corruption laws to prosecute employers who hire illegals.

Vasquez, whose grandfather came from Mexico, complains of an "unarmed invasion" that is fast transforming American towns like this one. "Why," he asks, "should I have to 'Press 1 for English?' "...
"They say these are jobs that no one else will take," says Tim Smallwood, an Idaho fruit and vegetable inspector, as he takes a lunch break in Caldwell. But if employers were denied that pool of cheap labor, overall wages would go up he says.Lori Morrison, who manages a night shift at Jack-in-the-Box to help support her family, shares the worry about wages. And she adds another concern: the social-service burden on government. "Taxes have gone up," she says. "They're killing us."

(Background Info: here)

Many polls show that a majority of the American public is against illegal immigration, as well as guest worker programs. The odd thing is, the Bush administration is pushing the guest worker program as a compromise in an effort to win over the Hispanic population, which has traditionally voted Democrat, & yet some polls show that Hispanics do not look upon the program too favorably either.

In the Sun-Sentinel poll, Hispanics, who made up 15 percent of the respondents, were no more supportive of pro-immigration changes than other groups polled. Only two in 10 Hispanics favored a law allowing undocumented immigrants to work legally in the country. Only two in 10 favored issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. And only 38 percent of Florida’s Hispanics who are likely voters said they thought immigration helped the United States....

He said Hispanics who vote are likely to oppose guest worker programs “strictly out of self-preservation. Do you want more laborers fighting for the same jobs?” he asked.

recent polls show 45% of Hispanics oppose it, and 63% agree the new plan is geared toward winning Hispanic votes for 2004. Additionally 30% of Hispanic registered voters polled stated they would vote for Bush; down 5 points from the 35% of Hispanic votes Bush had in 2000. Many Hispanics believe Bush's plan is a dead end, rather than a road to the American Dream.

Looks like Tom Delay is getting the message that when you try to please an elite & highly vocal minority, you alienate the silent majority, who are the key to winning elections. (hat tip: Xtreme Right Wing)

Update: Via Gina's Rantings. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson declared a state of emergency Friday in four counties along the Mexican border that he said have been 'devastated' by crimes such as the smuggling of drugs and illegal immigrants. Read more here.

Update II: Via Gina's Rantings (again :-) Petition to President Bush asking him to secure our borders immediately.

Update III: Ivan Lenin has a few choice words on this issue.

Good job NYGirl, I have not heard this story yet.

We are in a bit of a bind with illegal immigration: on one hand we need cheap labor, and on the other hand we need the rule of law.

I wish there was an easy answer.
I wonder if they started getting illegal immigrants for high-level gov't positions, if the gov't would start to care. ;)
All this makes you really wonder what is behind the lack of concern from the republicans.

I'd sure like to hear their explination.
Me, too, and I'm a pretty far right Republican and Bush supporter. Our official policies on nonenforcement of illegal immigration laws, such as they are(and aren't)is a mystery to me.

Excellent and informative post, NYGirl, you've imparted a lot of stuff I didn't know.
Justin, you're right, this problem will not have an easy answer, but I will offer my proposals in upcoming post.

MJ, check my post, Fox Guarding the Chicken Coop

They were not in high positions, but they where in places they shouldn't have been in. There was very little official concern about it. That's one of the reasons that we must remain vigilant & push for change.

H2So4 & Seth, I'll try to address those issues also in an upcoming post.
there is a petition going around asking for President Bush to secure our borders immediately .. I have the link to the petition at my blog if anyone is interested ..
Yet another problem with the guest worker program is that, at tour's end, the worker goes home. What incentive does this provide to participate in the American body politic?

What incentive is there to care about American culture? American laws? American neighborhoods?
The sad part of this case is that the judge didn't even consider the trespassing charge. He threw the cases out because he decided that local law enforcement officers shouldn't be doing the federal government's job for them. So if the feds won't uphold the law, who will?

BTW, we don't need cheap labor, only bad employers want that. We are an advanced economy tho with the immigration we are having, we won't be for much longer.
One of the few reasons I could imagine for lack of enforcement on immigration is that there is fear of inciting a non-cooperative , non-compliant relationship with the Mexican government. I don't know that anyone has ever said that, but why else drag their feet? I don't quite buy the economic reasons...but maybe there are things we aren't told.

"when you try to please an elite & highly vocal minority, you alienate the silent majority" -That is so true.
Color me cynical, but I think we've put up with illegal immigration for so long from sheer politics:

LEFT: Wants to prove how 'sensitive' they are to minorities (and perhaps use illegal immigrants to stuff a few ballot boxes)

RIGHT: Wants cheap labor and to prove how sensitive they are to minorities (and perhaps use illegal immigrants to stuff a few ballot boxes)

I have no problem with people who want to come to this country provided they obey our laws, work at an honest job, and learn to speak English and try to assimilate into our culture. But for those who want to hop the border... Round 'em up and ship 'em back, I say.
I'm Hispanic, my parents were legal immigrants, well-educated, assimilated and did things the right way to raise and educate four children now whom are all highly educated professionals. I'm one of those Hispanics who is completely against illegal immigration, chain migration, anchor baby citizenship and any thinly veiled legislation that will provide in effect amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Doesn't anyone understand that to advocate for illegal immigration is to directly support drug trafficking, human smugglers, violent gangs, depress wages, and unscrupulous employers? What part of ILLEGAL do they not understand?
Hi & welcome anonymous. It is sad that there is so little attention paid to good people like you & your parents. One of the worst things the illegal immigration lobby does is conflate legal immigrants who assimilate & live law abiding lives, with those who trespass & refuse to assimilate & even enagege in illegal activies.

Legal immigrants who come to America & make a contibution are welcomed by most people. Not that there aren't groups like the KKK, but I think a majority of the American public are very accepting & welcoming of those who aren't law breakers.

And as you point out, illegal immigration hurts legal immigrants because they depress wages, strengthen gangs, exacerbate the drug problem, not to mention the tax burden on they place on the community.

The illegal lobby drowns the voices of legal immigrants against illegals by calling then race-traitors, self-haters, sell-outs or worse. Good to see that you refuse to be cowed by these bullies.

Thank-you for sharing your views. I hope you'll comment here regularly :)
I think all of you need to go back and read a history book. America is a land of immigrants. Hey, guess, your great great grandfather came to this land and massacre the indians!. Worry about "illegal" immigration? Well you should start in your own house. Pack your luggage and go back to Europe. As far as I know hispanics can trace their roots in this continent for more than 500 years. And from the Bible:

Exodus 22:21
"Do not mistreat the alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt"

Psalm 146:9
"The Lord watches over the alien and sustain the fatherless and the widow, but frustrates the way of the wicked"

So your ancestors were ALIENS in this land and they came any way they could... How can that be wrong today if it was okay for them then?
I am a 4th generation Hispanic. A true Hispanic is Spanish,Native American,and probably another European ancestor. These illegals are not Hispanics! They are Mexicans. Please stop putting me in the same catagory as them. It is insulting. There was no Mexico when my ancestors came through. No Amnesty! Suzanne Chavez-Sykes
Hi. I,m a long tim American. My family (meaning two brothers of the McFarland clan)came over in 1776 to fight the British for American independence. My other family came from Russia at the end of the czar's reign and from Germany when Hitler took over. I am absolutely against illegal immigration. Furthermore, my research into California's state senate has left me alarmed and seriously recognizing that this state will be a part of Mexico within 15 years if the House bill is defeated and Bush's plan accepted. I have already notified the Department of Justice with my evidence but am being brushed off. No one recognizes that the easiest way to take a country is through subversion and peaceful invasion. I don't think that the majority of illegals from Mexico realize that they are being used as pawns in the bigger plan. Also, it would be very difficult for the President to use military againt these people when they did it so peacefully.
Hi all. I think this is the most important issue to hit this country in a long time. In order to come to a resolution, we have to get to the crux of the issue. I believe that can be found here:
The document is called "building a north american community"

The council on foreign relations is calling for open borders, biometric border IDs for all North american citizens, combining social security systems, combined homeland defense and increased migrant labor programs for the US. Canada and Mexico by 2010.

Anyone who is anyone in this country belongs to the CFR, including former presidents, world bankers, etc. This is their business plan for "us", the sheeple.

Read it if you dont believe me. We must stick together on this one folks, it is for all the marbles.
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