Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tunnels & Terrorists

Two events which took place recently:

A drug smuggling tunnel, from Washington State to Canada, was discovered last week.

Ahmed Ressam, who was arrested, arriving from Canada into Washington, with a car full of explosives, was sentenced to 22 years. He was a member of the group known as the 'Millenium Bombers'. A shopkeeper from Montreal (French Canada), he acted as a facilitator for an Islamic militant cell known as the Armed Islamic Group, or GIA, for its initials in French. This group is affiliated with al-Qeada. Ressam is also a 'graduate' of bin Laden's terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. His co-conspirators, Samir Ait Mohamed and Abu Doha, have yet to be tried as they are awaiting extradition from Canada and Britain.

And there was me thinking this was an escape tunnel into Canada, for all those Democrats living in "red" states.
LOL. I thought it might be a good way to beat the EPA & bring in some decent high flow toilets.

On a serious note, there's no telling who else might have another of these & what they want to smuggle in.
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