Friday, July 22, 2005

Today's Abolitionists

It is incumbent upon those who enjoy the privilege of freedom to aid those who lack it. As slavery continues to haunt the earth, iAbolish has taken up the charge to eradicate modern day slavery.

I read through the site and couldn't find the answer, so maybe you know. How exactly is iAbolish battling slavery?
Thanks for the important link.
One of the most important things iAbolish does is make people aware of the fact that slavery does exist in the world today. It was only recently, that I came to be aware of the fact that there are slave markets in Sudan, where children are bought & sold.

Another thing they do is lobby local & state governments to divest in countries that do turn a blind eye to slavery. So far, Illinois has divested, & they are working on New Jersy.

They also post news items about slavery related cases. There has been a case in which a Saudi couple kept an Indonesian woman prisioner in their house by hiding her passport. This woman was not only forced to perform back breaking physical labor, but she was sexually assulted by the husband.

Until early this year, young children, 4-5 years old, were used as camel jockeys in the United Arab Emirates. Many of these children were kept malnourished to keep their weight low. Due to the violent jerking motion of the running camel, many of these children sustain back injuries.

iAblish also sponsors a slave redemption program. This has been controvertial, as they buy & empacipate slaves. It has been contentended that this encourages slavery by creating a market for it. But, many people have been freed via this program.
Sudan, India, the West Indies, alot of the Caribean islands, and alot of African, and Death Cult countrys allow slavery.

The sex slave trade is huge. Russians, and African "gangsters" are big into this. I put quotes around gangsters because the word has been perverted. (My sick and twisted view).

iAblish is a great org. plus many Catholic charites help with it as well. I still can't believe it still happens today, but it does.All you can do is support org's. and pray for these folks.

PS. Thanks for the link sweetie, and no there is nothing shallow about a conservative NY Girl. My kinda woman to be honest ;)
It's a well-known fact that slavery still exists in many parts of the world. I'm surprised you just now learned of it.

The absolute WORST thing iAbolish can do is buy slaves from their masters. What this does is create an entirely new market. Does anyone truly belive these slavemasters will sell off their slaves and be done with it? No. They'll simply go aquire some more, hoping some idiotic bleeding heart will buy their slaves. For every slave that is bought out of slavery, at least one more person will be enslaved. It's a vicious cycle and the only way to combat it is to sanction those countries who allow slavery to exist in their state. Unfortunately, despite all that we can try to do, as long as humans are on this planet, slavery will continue to exist.
You all need to read Francis Bok's autobiography. He is a spokesman for iAbolish. It is a riveting book.

While many may disagree with some of the things they do, their work is a worthy endeavor. They have done more to bring about involvement in Sudan than many other organizations, including the U.N.
While I'm sure the UN and Amnesty International would howl, I'd like to see the US and like-minded nations bring back something like the slave patrol the Royal Navy ran back during the early 19th century. While we can't easily interdict the slave trade on dry land, our Navy can certainly board and search ships suspected of carrying slaves on the high seas.
True, we do need to get more involved in the effort, but the problem is, many of the salves are being sold within Africa.

That is one of the reasons why so few people are aware of it. Yes, you're right Nate, that is not good.

I will take up your recommendation to read the book Chris. Thanks. Even I am not sure about where I stand on slave redemption, but the work they do make make people aware of this problem as well as divestiture is commendable.
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