Monday, July 25, 2005

Sony Will No Longer Pay For Play

Sony BMG, which represents Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez, among dozens of others, admitted to the misconduct in a statement. "Sony BMG acknowledges that various employees pursued some radio promotion practices on behalf of the company that were wrong and improper, and apologizes for such conduct," the company said. "SONY BMG looks forward to defining a new, higher standard in radio promotion."

This case certainly explains why "songs" & "artists" who have less talent than my toaster are get heavy rotation on radio. No doubt this was part of Mayor Bloomberg's ongoing war against noise. Getting SONY to cease bribing stations is music to my ears, but for this one jarring note:

"The settlement, which includes a $10 million payment to a fund for music education, is the first in a broad investigation by Eliot Spitzer, the New York attorney general, into incentives that record companies offer to radio stations in hopes of getting airtime that will raise their artists' profiles, increase a song's ranking and, of course, drive up sales."

Why is the New York attorney general stooping to Jesse Jackson like tactics. SONY was wrong to bribe stations, why are they not being punished for that crime? While, contributing to music education is wonderful, IMHO it is not appropriate to include such a thing as part of a criminal inquiry.

When big corporations are allowed to "make up" for their wrong doings by "paying off" the government, the government fails to punish them properly, & the corporations feel emboldened to engage in more wrong doing.

Granted, this is nothing new in the music biz. It's a shame when they do it. But how else do get these phoney "muscians" on the radio??

The only thing on my radio is "talk radio" other than that, I go to my CD, Tape, and Record collection. Hell, I haven't even bought a "mainstream" album in years. Give me my Metal or give me

I'm sure some lib, somewhere will use this as proof positive that Pres. Bush is in bed with big business.

It's all about how people view crime and the moral hierarchy they place upon it. Sure would be different if they had killed someone in order for more records to be played.
Three comments.

1) Maybe we should listen to your toaster.

2)Spitzer is running a political campaign, he is not a Robin Hood, just an ambitious politician.

3) Sony executives should be locked in a room and be forced to listen to Jennifer Lopez songs. Or maybe the same one, over and over.
Chris you might be on to something. The rise of J Lo did take place during the BUsh administration. They failed to act on the warning signs & take steps to prevent it.

I have to say I like your suggestions for punishing the SONY execs Shipwrecks, but AI might take issue with that. I wonder if Christian is a SONY artist?

What bothered me most was the AG letting SONY get away with a payoff.
so they get to pay a fine ( a slap on the wrist ) its 10 million ( a drop in the bucket for them ..and you think their practices will change ? I doubt it ...
Personally, I'm not surprised at anything Spitzer comes up with. Your Jesse Jackson comparison works well.
Hi Gina & JLR (or JJB), welcome to my humble abode. Isn't it awful how comapnies are able to get away with just a payoff? As you say, it's a drop in the bucket for them.
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