Monday, July 18, 2005

Rest In Peace

Mary-Jo Kepechne
Born July 26, 1940
Died July 18, 1969
Killed by a Drunk Driver
No charges were pressed

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A subject I read about and forgot to blog!!

There is a rumor that the guy who killed went on to become a senator. Must be untrue.

Another rumor was that Mary-Jo didn't drown.

Another, another rumor is that a certain senator from the north east, is a drunken womaniser.

Must be rumor season.
rumours galore, and none to be sustantiated as yet...

damn, i started typing like mad on an exceedingly cynical post, but i'll let it rest... i can remember the news items when i was a child... they weren't funny at all... i feel so sorry for the good people of your country who have been misled and had their trust misused... you deserve better...
The rumors weren't substantiated becouse the Kennedy family blocked the investigation. The same way they did in the case of Martha Moxley.

You're right, we deserve better than that murderer in the Senate.
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