Friday, July 29, 2005

Racism. Available in a Variety of Colors

Looks like the Japanese are better than Americans at another thing: racism.

A similar problem is the famous foreign crime wave. If you’ve read an
English newspaper in the past year, you’ve probably heard about the government
white papers and police studies that cite increases in foreign crime as one of
the biggest threats to public safety. The police are saying that the number of
crimes increased from 19,671 in 1993 to 34,746 in 2002, an increase of 76.6%.
While this sounds rather scary, critics have two very valid arguments about why
these statistics are extremely misleading.

The first is that people who have overstayed their visas are included in the figures.
Overstaying a visa makes up more than a quarter of all crimes committed by
foreigners and it is disingenuous to count this crime along offences with like
murder and theft. The second reason is that the official statistics do not
mention that while the foreign crime rate was 1.39%, foreigners made up 1.5% of
the population and were therefore statistically less likely to commit crimes
than Japanese people. If we look at the numbers in terms of crime rates (rather
than real numbers), crime by Japanese is increasing while crime by foreigners is

Why have the police chosen to concentrate on the relatively insignificant problems of gun control and foreign crime? One important reason is that there isn’t much they can do about the increases in crime committed by Japanese people. A long recession and high unemployment are invariably accompanied by rising crime rates, and until the economy recovers, crime is probably going to continue increasing.

Blaming foreigners for crime is also a good excuse for police officials embarrassed by
the decline in arrest rates. It’s just so easy to say something like, “We can’t
catch those wily foreign criminals because they use such exotic methods and it’s
so easy for them to just escape back to their home countries.” Crime was a major
issue in last year’s general election, and there were few politicians who
weren’t talking about it. Prime Minister Koizumi’s Liberal Democratic Party
promised to cut the number of serious crimes in half by 2008, while Naoto Kan’s
Democratic Party promised to hire 30,000 new police officers in the next five
years and raise the arrest rate for serious crimes to

Politicians like Shintaro Ishihara, the governor of Tokyo, use
people’s fears to get publicity, increase budgets for police and military
spending, and most of all to get votes. When Ishihara gave a speech saying that
the Self-Defense Force would have to be careful of rioting foreigners in the
case of a major earthquake, he was criticized by many critics, foreigner’s
rights groups and newspapers, but Tokyo voters ate it up. Foreign crime is
also being used as an excuse to limit immigration, and the government is
currently becoming much stricter in their policies regarding students from
overseas and in their dealings with those who have overstayed their visas. It’s
easy for the government to play on the fears of its citizens because people here
are really scared. The Koizumi administration has launched a campaign to double
the number of tourists visiting Japan by 2010, but in a public opinion survey
conducted last year, 32.4% of Japanese people don’t want more visitors to come
to Japan, mainly because they are worried about crime.

Even among native Japanese, there is a preference toward "white" complexions. Those of lighter hue are considered more beautiful that those of darker hue.
Say the word ‘Akita bijin’ (an Akita beauty) to a Japanese male and watch his eyes light up. The idea that women from Akita are beautiful dates back to at least the Heian period, and women from this prefecture are famous for their pale white skin. Akita’s women have an average skin whiteness index of 29.6%, making them far paler than the average Japanese women, whose whiteness index is only 26.6%.

Heaven forbid, Jesse Jackson were to move to Japan, he would probably demand preferential treatment to those with a skin whiteness index of 26.6% or less & quotas to limit the number of those with higher index ratings.


You'll find similar racism in Europe too, NY Girl.
Here is what Reihan writes over at The American Scene(link is at my blog):

"Until two weeks ago, on Amtrak (which I despise with a virulent passion), I hadn't encountered any overt rudeness on ethnic grounds (is "racism" the right word?) in years. For me, it's long been an article of faith that American are far less racist than Europeans, and vastly less racist than the South Asians I've encountered."

I agree.
Thanks for mentioning that Aaron. You're right, just look at how light Bollywood stars are compared to normal South Asians.

Just take a look at any marriage proposals page if you want to see the attitudes toward skin color. In most South Asian countries Pretty = Light Skined
Don't you think US society condone a Pretty=light skinned for non-White women? It's the light skinned women with "good hair" who get the most attention b/c they are marketable to Black and more White men. Basically the message seems to be, "look more like a White woman with a deep tan and you'll be more popular."

Look at Beyonce and J.Lo - they get more blond every year.
Yes, J Lo & Beyonce get blonder every year, but white celebrities wear cornrows & heir extentions.
Emenim wears a do-rag.

You will find biased standards every where, legislating about these things doesn't help.

What about the preference for thinner women? What about the preferance for tall women? What about the bias against a Southern accent in the NE? What about the bias against crooked teeth? The list goes on & on.
Yes, there is definitely a bias towards thinner women. I just wanted to address the pretty=light skinned comment that you made, and address the fact that it tend to be present in the US as well, affecting non-White women.
I never said that it does not exist in the US, I said that it exists all over the world. In fact, it has existed even before European colonization.
Heaven forbid, Jesse Jackson were to move to Japan, he would probably demand preferential treatment to those with a skin whiteness index of 26.6% or less & quotas to limit the number of those with higher index ratings.

The above quotation by hostess NY GIRL is a perfect example of why Black moderates like myself will always be moderate even though philosophically we're drawn to the conservative Republican message.

Conservative "humorists" think that as long as you invoke the name Jesse Jackson, it's OK to spew your venom at the lot. I know of no situation in my life where Affirmative Action gave me an advantage. I attended schools, paid attention, learned, and worked my butt off.

I'm a pro-life, Air Force Veteran, married homeowner. Jesse Jackson never gave me anything. Neither have you. As I would have it.

I'm only trying to gather new insight.I don't hate my race. I don't hate anyone. I'm proud to be an American who happens to be Black. If my visit to this sight was a mistake on my part, I apologize for the intrusion. If this is an arena to share ideas in the interest of celebrating America, then I'd love observe and converse.
As with any other blog, this is a place for the hostess of the blog to express her opinion. I am sorry if you happen to be of the opinion that it is venomous. As you can see, I do not object to discussion or debate.

I do not know you personally, therefore, I cannot comment on your situation, but it is my opinion, that Affirmative Action is reverse discrimination. Just as I respect your right to hold your opinion, I hope you will not object to my right to hold my opinions.

This blog is indeed a place to share ideas & celebrate America where all have the right to hold & express their views. I welcome you whole-heartedly.
I write a Comments to you for the first time. My name is baboi.
Your blog was read.
I had a doubt after I read the Sentences.

"19,671 in 1993 to 34,746 in 2002." is arrest number of Rainichi foreigners.
(Rainichi foreigners=foreigners other than "Permanent resident" and "American
troops stationed in Japan" and "Residence qualification uncertain person")
"34,746" is 5.2% of all arrest number of Japan.
It is not 1.39%.
Is there a mistake in this rate?

"1.5%(1,851,758) of the population of Japan" is Number of alien registration person in 2002.
but 38.5%(713775) of the alien registration person is a permanent resident.
Permanent resident is not included in the Rainichi foreigners.
It is not fair to compare the "Statistics where Permanent resident is not included"with the
"alien registration person whose Permanent resident accounts for 38.5%"

I'm sorry by not good at English
I am sorry if you had any bad feelings.;(
Number of arrests in 2002.
Total:arrested number is 670610.arrested person is 414183.
(criminal cases:arrested number is 592359. arrested person is 347558.
special offender:arrested number is 78251. arrested person is 66625.
Total:arrested number is 46815(7.0%). arrested person is 22699(5.5%)
(criminal cases:arrested number is 34976(5.9%). arrested person is 13076(3.8%).
special offender:arrested number is 11839(15.1%).arrested person is 9623(14.4%)
"Rainichi Foreigner"
Total:arrested number is 34746(5.2%).arrested person is 16212人(3.9%).
(criminal cases:arrested number is 24258(4.1%).arrested person is 7690人(2.2%).
special offender:arrested number is 10488(13.4%).arrested person is 8522(12.8%)

(The violation of the visa is a special offender.
violation of the visa is not included in the criminal cases.)

(Ministry of Justice HP) registration person statistics 2002)

(National Police Agency HP) 2002) offender 2002) by foreigners 1993-2002) offender 1993) cases 1946-2003)
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