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Pipelines in Mexico Send Terrorists to America

Sorry to ruin your Forth of July weekend, but it has happened. The terrorists have discovered how easy it is to enter the US via Mexico, so why bother getting a visa & potentially exposing your self? Why is the border still a junction? Here are some excerpts from an important story.

Until his arrest in December 2002, Boughader smuggled about 200 Lebanese
compatriots into the United States, including sympathizers of Hezbollah,
designated a terrorist organization by U.S. authorities. One client, Boughader
said, worked for a Hezbollah-owned television network, which glorifies suicide
bombers and is itself on an American terror watch list.

Boughader acknowledged transporting a Lebanese man who worked at al-Manar, a global satellite television network owned and operated by Hezbollah. The U.S. State
Department added al-Manar to its Terror Exclusion List in 2004, meaning anyone
associated with the station may be refused entry or deported from the United

"For us, Hezbollah are not terrorists," said Boughader, a
Mexican of Lebanese descent, echoing the feelings of most Lebanese. "I regret
that what I was doing is against the law, but I don't regret what I did to help
people."Lebanese carpenter Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, smuggled in over the California border, admitted spending part of his time in the United States raising money to send back to his country to support Hezbollah at least $40,000, according to an FBI affidavit. Kourani, court records said, told the FBI that his brother is the group's chief of military security in southern Lebanon, where Hezbollah is widely admired as a resistance force.

Hezbollah members are entering our country with the help of Mexican sympathizers. How long before weapons are smuggled in with these people. Could it have happened already?

At least one al-Qaida-linked man smuggled himself over the border. Nabil
al-Marabh, a now-deported Syrian citizen once No. 27 on the FBI's list of terror
suspects and accused by Canadian authorities of having connections to Osmam bin
Laden's network, was caught sneaking from Canada into New York in the back of a
tractor-trailer in June 2001 with a fake Canadian passport.

"Several al-Qaida leaders believe operatives can pay their way into the
country through Mexico and also believe illegal entry is more advantageous than
legal entry," Jim Loy, deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
told a congressional committee in February. Further, he said, "entrenched human
smuggling networks and corruption in areas beyond our borders can be exploited
by terrorist organizations."
These smugglers use staging areas and transportation coordinators in such places as Quito, Ecuador; Lima, Peru; Cali, Colombia; and Guatemala City. They pay foot guides, drivers and stash-house operators in Mexico and the United States.
They have moved people by plane into suburban Washington, D.C., Florida, California. And they have crossed clients in vehicles or on foot into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and over the Canadian border, then helped deliver them to destinations across America.
They have partnered with other smugglers transporting Mexican or Central American migrants, sometimes swapping clients and transferring immigrants from "special-interest" countries and other migrants in the same loads.

The Mexican government is corrupt. Of course they accept bribes from terrorists.

Boughader's clients told U.S. and Mexican investigators they paid thousands
of dollars to obtain fraudulent visas from Mexico's consular office in Beirut. A
woman who oversaw the office between 1998 and 2001 was arrested on charges of
participating in the smuggling scheme.

In case you didn't know the Tamil Tigers are the "inventors" of the art of suicide bombing. They have trained Muslim terrorist groups. Thay also use the same financial & weapon smuggling networks.

Another smuggling network that is controlled by Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger
rebel group a U.S.-designated terror organization tried sneaking four Tigers
over the California-Mexico border en route to Canada not long after the Sept.
11, 2001, terrorist attacks, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
investigator Steven Schultz said. The four were caught along with 17 other Sri
Lankans, all posing as Mexicans, attempting to enter ports at San Ysidro and
Otay Mesa.

Meanwhile, the ACLU has joined La Raza, to attack the Minuteman Project.

Happy Independence Day weekend everyone! And remember freedom isn't free, it must be fought for.

Bush is going to have hell to pay if something happens. Frightening.
Bush ought to have hell to pay now. As much as I admire him and support many of his policies, this idiocy of leaving the border unprotected is criminal. Why can't we invest some of the billions we're spending on homeland security in fence material, patrol jeeps and helicopters, more Border Patrol agents, sensors, and other necessary items for making the border more secure? I'd even go so far as to mine the border if that's what it would take.

I don't mind people coming to America if they want to work, obey the laws, and otherwise live a decent and respectable life. I would support changes to make it faster for qualified immigrants to get a green card. But we've GOT to defend ourselves, and it seems to me that keeping the back door locked is a no-brainer.
Oh, and by the way, why isn't the ACLU defending the rights of the AMERICAN citizens in the Minuteman Project to exercise THEIR rights?
My wife, who is a law-abiding legal immigrant from Africa, has been harassed every step of the way by INS and the State Department. This I believe is an effort to fool people into thinking they are "doing something". Punish those who obey the law and follow the rules - that's much easier than dealing with those nasty terrorists and criminals.

Bush should do something to halt illegal immigration. But he won't - and I predict neither will the next president. Bush is trying to blunt criticism from the far Left. He does not seem to understand that he will be smeared as a racist no matter what he does. Might as well do the job right, crack down on illegals, and get credit for that instead.
Hi Mwalimu Daudi, welcome & thank-you for your insightful comments.

I too know of a lot of incidences of the INS harassing legal immigrants, many with PhD's & MD's, who have been agressively recruited by their employers. These are people with jobs, who are fluent in English & have a lot to offer our country. Yet, they are harssed & illegals are not. This does not bode well for our future.

You make another good point, Bush will be criticized no matter what he does. But, he just doesn't seem to get it. He wants to be liked way too much. If he were able to transcend this weakness, he could have a place in history.

Good point Jim, why doesn't the ACLU defend the rights of American citizens? But, you kno how they are, the ACLU enjoy liberties others don't.

President Bush is losing a lot of support from conservatives of his immigration policies. But if something happens, as you said Aaron, there will be hell to pay. Beacuse when the Dems try to impeach him, the Republicans won't stand by him.
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How about talking about the American politicians that have been involved in supporting the terrorists?

If the terrorists try and come through Mexico to the US, they're going to be killed before they get there.
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