Saturday, July 09, 2005

PC, A One Way Street

Two Philadelphia students are subject to racial slurs, spitting & fights when dropped off at school, they are frightened & depressed at the thought of having to endure another day at school. Their mother complains to the school administration- several times: what is the course of action taken? They are offered the option to transfer to another district.

This strange reaction was due to the fact that the harassed children were white & the tormentors black. The media too has turned a blind eye to reverse discrimination. The Philadelphia Inquirer, which failed to take note of these incidents, opted to do an article about harassment by cadets at a military school.

Philadelphia has on other occasions engaged asymmetric treatment of the races. It should come as no surprise that,
This is the same school district that several years ago considered teaching about racism by using a curriculum that claimed that white people who are victims of racially motivated crimes do not suffer as much as black people do. White kids being victimized by black kids is not considered a racial hate crime by the news media, the school district, or the police in Philadelphia.

Cases like these, where whites or other minorities are the victims of black violence show clearly that racism is a two way street. The law & the media should take off their PC blinders & take note of this.

Another case where PC is more intersting in settling a score than doing what is right. I see it plenty in my dealings as an educator. The only cure for this is the removal of contributing factors: affirmative action, hate crimes, etc.
As I should have added, when you make the playing field genuinely level, where no one feels something is owed to them, can you effect real progress. Since this is unlikely to happen, then we must push on for the next best alternative, which is equal enforcement of hate laws on both sides. Again, a situation that is unlikely to happen in the near term.
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Chris, that is irrational. You don't correct errors by simply SAYING the playing field is leveled, you actually LEVEL the playing field.

Your argument is flawed and this is how.

If black disparity was created through a playing field that wasn't level (remember racism was more than just a moral issue of whites disliking blacks, it effected economic development, social development etc. which gave an advantage to whites over blacks) then to truly level the playing field you can not simply say, stop unequal treatment. That just leads to status quo advantages that whites acquired at the expense of blacks. To truly level the playing field, since this is a sports analogy, you have to give the same advantages to the opposing team that was disadvantaged.

IE. Analogy extended: If you were playing basketball with 6 players, and I only had 5, the playing field would not be level. So the only way to level the playing field would be either to reduce your number of players or increase mine right?

Now, say the playing field is leveled to 5 on 5. This does notthing to fix the fact the advantage you had by having an extra player allowed you to acquire a 20 point lead.

So what do you do? To truly create equality in this instance. You either forfeit the game and start over, you either subtract points from the team that had six players, or you allow the team that had five players to score 20 free points.

That is level. That is logical. That is rational.
Good to have you back Chris. Glad to read you enjoyed your trip.

Dell, I am honored to be added to your blogroll. Thank-you.

Both of you make your case well, but let me ask, to use the sports analogy, is it fair to subtract points from the next team that plays to correct for the unfair privilages received by the previous team?
you can tell i'm being really cynical here.

dell, i don't argue that the playing field needs to be leveled, but first we have to determine which playing field we are going to level. the only playing field that should be leveled is the one of opportunity. this requires years of honest competition and building trust, something no one seems willing to do. i deal with far too many who act as they are owed something and that their abhorrent behavior is to be tolerated because of past injustices. handouts and preferences do nothing to cure this symptom. I am reminded of something said long ago: "the only way to build trust is to trust someone."

In regards to your extended analogy, you can't start over, history doesn't allow for that. Giving the other team additional points isn't a quality solution either. What you have to do is to continue playing, each day and opportunity being like a new game. Over time, if your team is of equal talent, then barring a "fix job" by the refs, then talent will win out. The giving of points analogy is something akin to telling OU that they have to start down 63 points because they are that much better than Northern Iowa.

You cannot affect equality of outcome without disadvantaging someone. Are we so loathe to our own principles to excuse preferences? I suppose we are.
There was a study of students in college. In a class there were half white students and half asian students. They scored relitively the same on their SAT. Everyone in the class was told that the test they were about to take directly related to intelligence. It was primarily a math test. The white studends scored lower than the asian students.

This goes to show that prejudice and stereotypes can have just as much of an impact in schools as this playing field stuff. What does it feel like to go to college because you are black and not really feel like you earned it. You probably drop out. There is a Scientific American article on the subject I will try and post the link later.
This goes to show that sharing schools with blacks doesn't always work. It is obvious that many blacks do not want to share: they want everything they can take. It is interesting to see how in Los Angeles, the Mexican kids are doing to blacks, what blacks are doing to whites in Philadelphia, and what blacks did to whites in LA.

Remember, ghettoes do not occur in nature, they are created by humans too stupid and too lazy to do any better.
Chris and NY, neither of you really addressed my scenario correctly.

Chris, you suggest that talent will when out, and if talent is equal then eventually blacks will 'catch up'. That is not logical. If I put two sprinters of equal talent in a race and I provide one sprinter a 50 yard advantage, equality suggest that being that they are even the one with the 50 yard advantage will always be ahead.

NY you have a good, 'is it fair to subtract points'. I say it is uneccessary to subtract points, I simply say add points to the team that was being cheated in the first place.

What that would have no negative impact on the team that was cheating in the first place, and truly create a socalled level playing field. That sounds fair right?
Unfortunately, it does have an impact on the team that you have determined to be "cheating" in the first place. You cannot give to another without summarily taking away from someone else. Opportunities granted to a particular group because of a singular or group of charactersitics has some adverse affect on another group. The difference of opinion here is whether we determine that to be fair and just.
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