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Muslim Protests on Palestine v Terrorism

In response to my article, MSM Coverage of Islam Versus the Catholic Church, Dell Gines asked the question, who should be blamed, and specifically, to what degree. Should all Muslims bear responsibility for the acts of terror carried out in the name of Islam?

I doubt that it has escaped the notice of many, how vocal & strident Muslims are concerning the perceived injustices to their community in Gaza & the West Bank. They hold highly visible rallies, in large numbers loudly making their feelings known. Any time there is even a hint of a hate crime, Muslim organizations blitz the media with adds & protests, calling attention to the event & denouncing it. Yet, when four bombs shredded more than 50 people on their way to work, the first statements issued, were not of condolence, but of "premeptive complaining about acts of prejudice that have not yet occurred", in the words of Mark Styne.

When Newsweek printed that erroneous story about the desecrated Korans, there were massive protests by Muslims & it was nearly impossible to read a paper or watch TV without a hearing the views of CAIR & other Muslim organization. However, I have yet to see Muslims protest the burning of Bibles in Saudi Arabia or the forcing of non-Muslim women to wearing Muslim hijab in Iran.

I am certainly not arguing for collective punishment, however, should Muslims not, as a community, be as vocal & uncompromising in their denunciation of the actions of the terrorists as they are in the Palestine issue. Is it a mere coincidence that a majority of terrorists are Muslims & not Christians, Jews or Buddhists?

Muslims who remain silent about the scourge of terrorism are partially responsible for it, for they tolerate it & create a fertile environment for it to thrive in. However, Muslims who do speak out against terror are not. Here is an article about a vigil held in Bahrain, in front of the British Embassy there. Here is an article about Kuwaiti citizens drowning out the cries of a radical Imam to kill Americans with shouts of 'O' Allah, make Islam and America stronger'.

However, I see very little of this type of action among Muslims in the US. Please correct me if I am mistaken, but I have yet to see an enormous rally by Muslims denouncing the terrorists such as the one in Pakistan burning President Bush & Blair in effigy, or the ones in Indonesia, which were held against the Iraq War. Until this imbalance is addressed, I do not think that the Muslim community can be exculpated of all responsibility.

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Mudville Gazette

Thanks for this important post. This war can only be won when moderate Muslims not only speak out against the radicals but help the authorites find them. Just take a look at the 5 suicide bombers from London. Hearing interviews from friends and family it is clear that there were warnings signs. One bomber had recently shaved his beard(a sign of a terrorist) and all had recently traveled to Pakistan. The mastermind of the bombings came to visit the young bombers right before the attacks. I guarantee you there were some moderates in their midst who were on to the impending attacks. Those people need to start warning authorities.
You argument is a little flawed NY. Here is why. There are, as mentioned before, 1 billion plus Muslims in the world. Some are liberal, some are conservative, some hold to the shiar *sp law some have merged into 'secular' society, some are in the eastern hemisphere, some are in the western hemisphere, etc. etc. etc. The homogeneity of Islam is not as you are making it seem when you generalize Islam and assign responsibility (which is what you are doing) for the 'terrorism' to the whole religion for what in effect you are saying is its passive support by them as a whole not speaking out against it.

So lets put it in perspective if you are a Christian:

Did you speak out and hold protest and rallys as a Christian against the Irish Christian terrorist when they were bombing England? I bet not.

When the issue in Rwanda was occurring, did you as a Christian speak out against the Christians involved in the bloody bloody conflict over there?

Did you expect the global Muslim population to protest and defend themselves against the Muslims in the Bosnian / Serbian crisis?

The argument that because they profess the same faith, they are responsible for those who do negative things in the name of that faith, is counter to what we believe as a basic ideal in America. We don't hold the group responsible for the act of the individual unless it is proven that the group actively and knowingly colluded with the individual.

Yet when the issue is terrorism, we distort our American values that we hold up to the world as the best way, and say, errr no they don't apply to you, implicitely saying our way is not the best. Hypocrisy.
thank you for an intelligent, well considered and constructive posting.. i appreciate it enormously...

i live in europe, where the realities are somewhat different to what you experience in the usa, but in general i'd like to say that the scourge of islamic fundamentalism at the moment is just as evil as the far-right christian intolerance of anything that goes against their interpretation of what is told in the bible...

if anything, any religion basically teaches tolerence, patience, fraternal empathy, negation of personal interest and... love of your fellow man/woman, irrespective of perceived considerations, no matter what...

just my thoughts..., keep well, bart
Apart from the fact IRA were Irish nationalists seeking an united Ireland (against the wishes of a Protestant majority in the north), they were more communists than catholics. Islamic terrorism is something different - it is international, its objectives vague, its targets random. It is religous based terrorism, taught in mosques, encouraged by religious elders.

With the fatwah placed on author Salman Rushdie, and the resulting book burning protests of Muslims, it was obvious that many Muslims were intolerant, violent, ignorant people. How many ever read Rushdie's book? None.

I realize that westerners are not perfect, but Christianity & Judaism have reformed through the centuries, and become more liberal. Islam hasn't. It is becoming bolder and more violent, and likely to strike anywhere there is a large Muslim population that will harbor them. They are declaring war on us. Our retaliation seems to be a few hundred emails sent to Islamic organizations.

Terrorism can survive only when it has some support from a local community. Muslims won't accept that they are the problem. it's always our fault. Always.
Hence my argument Shipwrecked, we find them, and we take them out. We deal with countries in some form or fashion that help harbor and nurture them.

That is uniquely different than castigating the whole Islamic religion for the acts of a few.
I'm waiting for responsible Muslims - Sunni, Shia, conservative, liberal, secular, any or all of the above - to speak out strongly against Islamofascist terrorism. Maybe they are and the BM just doesn't give it much coverage, but what I HAVE seen are grinning Palestinians celebrating 9-11, cheering Iraqis ripping apart the bodies of contractors in Iraq, Muslims rioting over a (phony) news story that a Koran was desecrated, and CAIR issuing those 'preemmptive complaints' that somebody MIGHT be mean to them.

I'm not for collective punishment; I don't (yet) advocate rounding up every Muslim in the country and shipping them home or to internment camps. But neither am I going to willfully blind myself to the fact that a significant fraction of the worldwide Muslim community approves of what bin Laden, Zarqawi, and their murderous ilk are doing.

When I start seeing Muslim groups and governments start sending money to the victims in New York, Beslan, Madrid, and London (not to mention Tel Aviv), I'll believe that Muslims are against the terrorists.
Hi Bart & welcome to my blog. Love your pic. The problem with Islamic fundementalism is that it is linked to terrorism. If all fundementalism leads to terrorism, then where are the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Zoroastiran suicide bombers?

If there is no link, then why aren't members of religious groups other than Muslims, walking into crowds of civilians to blow themselves up in the name of religion?

Someone doesn't have to be a suicide bomber to be a terrorist. Just this week abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolph received a life sentence. Just because the media doesn't label him a terrorist doesn't mean he isn't one.

You can peg just about anyone who attacks an abortion clinic just as much of a terrorist as any Muslim. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has 167 attacks against abortion clinics have been carried out over the course of the past 15 years. In 1984, there were 18 bombings against abortion clinics. In 1993, there were 78 death threats aimed at clinic employees. And, in 1996, bombings, threats and harassment affected about one-third of U.S. abortion clinics.
Hi & welcome Kevin. Yes, you're right people who bomb abortion clinics are terrorists. What I am refering to in this post, is how each group treats group members who commit acts of terror.

Many Christians, especially those who are vocally opposed to abortion, have condemed these acts.

One incident that stands out in my mind is when Alan Keys (when he had a show on MSNBC) invited, the man who was taking photos of women going get an abotion & posting them on the internet, to his show. He confronted this man & asked him why he is doing this type of thing, which is clearly condemd in the Bible. He made it very clear that he did not approve of what he did & believed that he should be arrested.

This man, who's name escapes me at the moment, accused Mr. Keyes of being a bad Christian & not opposing abortion as much as he claimed to. But, Mr. Keyes did not back down & argued, point by point, how unChristian & unAmerican such actions are.

There will always be rotten apples in any group, but they will be kept undercontrol, if the other members of the group condem them swiftly & uneqivocally.

PS: Love you pic, which ever political view you take, we can all agree that TV does kill democracy.
I dont see the link to islam and current terrorist acts here. Let say for example iraq. how is that in any shape or way islam when they are bombing to get americans out of iraq. yes they are done by muslims but that is like holding Torah and Jewish religion responcible for actions of "Bugsy" Siegel. On your comments on comdeming terrorist actions why should muslim condem actions done for politics. not fault of islam we went in iraq and its not islam fault people are trying to kick you of iraq . i dont see christians condeming the actions of a rapeist in Ny who raped and molested a 4 year old girl becasue he is christian but he did it for his own reason not because of bible.
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