Sunday, July 10, 2005

MSM Coverage of Islam Versus the Catholic Church

Muslim terrorists have murdered over 3,000 civilians in New York, Madrid & London. Muslim Imams & Mullahs glorify the killing of infidels. Yet, the MSM refuses to question, much less condemn any facet of Islam. They constantly refer to Islam as "a religion of peace" & assure us that there is no link between Islam & terrorism.

Contrast this to the MSM treatment of the Catholic Church during the pedophilia scandal. Remember how there was a blizzard of articles criticizing the Church, its structure, its leadership as well as its doctrine. There were also many articles about Catholic "reformers" & former Catholics denouncing many aspects of the Church.

I am certainly not implying that pedophilia is a minor trifle or in any way excusable. I am merely commenting on the tone of the MSM coverage, concerning the connection between doctrine & action, of the two religions when its members engage in egregious acts. Editorials about the Catholic Church were at times hysterical; where as the editorials about Islamic terror pour all of their vitriol on the American government, the CIA or Israel/Jews.

Repeat after me –The media is not biased, The media is not biased, The media is not biased…Keep repeating until you believe it, because as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin said, A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

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people who criticized the catholic church just don't like catholic formality, rituals, ceremonies, so they have fun criticizing that issue. plus, pedophilia really freaks pple out..esp. parents. but it's never the religion, it is the people abusing the religion/power. so there is no point in pointing fingers at Islam just coz there are bad muslims. there are always good catholics and muslims. don't worry about it!
It isn't just the Catholics that the BM targets, though the pedophilia scandal gave considerable grist for the BM's mill. Christians of all stripes (except for the 'liberal' types who believe in total separation of church and state, that the Bible is, well, rather outdated, that Christ may have been a homosexual, etc) come in for regular beatings in the BM. Lefties have always hated the Church because it competes with the State as the center of the individual's universe, and because it reminds people that 'if it feels good, do it' is NOT a good way to live their lives.
Of course there are good Muslims. But it wasn't bad Christians that killed 50 odd innocents in London. Militant Muslims are dangerous, hate-filled murderers. Islamic society has done little to condemn them, nothing to rein them in.
You are comparing apples to oranges, NY. Your comparison would have been correct if the press was vilifying all Christianity for the pedofilia in the Catholic Church. IE Christianity as a whole, versus Islam as a whole.

Catholocism can and justly should be criticized as it is an INSTITUTION with a definitive structure of organized rules and leadership.

Islam is divided into three major branches, Sunni Shia and Sufi, and neither of these has a defined political structure similar to the catholic church with a bishop, a pope and a hierarchy.

I think you have a point about Islam proper and leaders in the Islamic community condemming these bombings, and there are definitely some who have but I think there are more who should.

But to the major point of your post, who should the press criticize other than the Islam extremist who have no affiliation to a structured religions organization in Islam.
"Anonymous", thank-you for telling me that people being burned to death does not, "freak people out..especially parents". I am sure that the families of the victims would heartily concur with your views. What me worry about people who wish to kill me or my loved ones on their way to work, no way!

Dell, while Islam is not as structured as Catholisim, it is not without any structer. There are certain mosques & madrassas which are held in higher esteem than others.
Also, there are "positions" such as mullah versus grand mufti & ayatollah, as well as formal instruction & degrees.
Vist the MEMRI if you get a chance, it is blogrolled on my "places to go" section.

It's intersting that you call Sufism a branch of Islam, because many Muslims do not consider it to be so, along with the Ahmedias & Bahais. In fact, the Wahabbis consider them heretics. The doctrine arose to destroy Sufism.

While I am cetainly not saying that all Muslims are bad, I am saying that the Muslim community as a whole has failed to condem these actions with the vehemance that they do the actions of Israel in the West Bank & Gaza. However, as many of the extremists attended mosque frequently & were recuited there, I do think that it is fair to say that they did have some affiliation to the structures of Islam.
I am also commenting on how the American media fails to point out some of the real failings of modern Islam & the community.
But what are those failings? That is the question. There are 1 Billion Muslims in the world in all areas of the globe. It is not structured in a hierarchal political system such as catholocism.

Let me ask you a question should I as a black person apologize for the black individual down the street who robbed a store? Should you as a woman, have to apologize for the prostitute on the corner?

That is the implication of what you are saying of individual Muslims, and individual Mosque who may not have any affiliation with terror or terrorism. You are putting the burden of a small minority of individuals on the backs of the whole religion and to me that isn't fair.

Obviously I am not a muslim, I am an evangelical christian, so I am not arguing the truth of the religion, nor am I even arguing that certain elements of the religion don't make it easier to have what we call 'extremist'. However, I think we really have to be fair to the much, much larger percent of Muslims who don't conduct themselves in such a deadly way. Isn't that fair NY? I think the press should criticize exactly and specifically those who deserve it, the specific mosque that recruiting occurs in, the specific countries that encourage this extremism, and the individuals and groups that act it out, not the religion as a whole.

I think I am being fair, what do you think?
Frum what i've redd most "muslims" ar actually sufis.I believ sufism tu be linkt tu simon magus and the dosetheans a grupe of 33 the number uv freemason degrees and perhaps the number uv temples at assur wher the ishtar cult was.Anuther ishtar temple was at jerusalem at the site uv al-aqsa.Simon's wife was helen which miens mune.Some say that the kaaba was a temple tu the mune godess.I believ the true conflict in muhammed's time was between the traditional pagans and the simon magus cult zoroastrians that believ simon tu be the incarnation uv assur,Christ and the Messiah and his wife the reincarnation uv ishtar-anahita the godess uv taverns and prostitutes and fertility.I believ that is the true beliefs uv the the ismailis and that part uv them ar masons.They ar about 18% uv the u.s. and european public and ar the mafia i believ but ar not all criminals.I believ they ar the n.a.z.i.s,communist,and sufis;that they ar hindu,assyrian,and scythian medes and follow the zoroastrian beliefs secretly.I believ they ar about 1 billion pieple world wide uv median and assyrian decent partly but uv evry race partly and that their belief ar only national miening they hav no interest in converting non aryans but only partial iranians.I believ they believ in reincarnation and hav mason and gipsie (sindhi,tajik,lur,kurdish,baluch)last names.I believ they ar almost all police and control 70-80%uv the u.s. economy and ar most agents uv the c.i.a.,perhaps the heds uv the n.s.a.,40-55% uv congress and 40%uv the u.s. military officers.I believ they ar organized for profit and that 1/3 uv them attend chirch regularly.I believ chritians ar married tu them and hav no idea.I believ they all spy and hav bugd millions uv americans illegally and that whether in congrees,the c.i.a.,police,biznis,media,or yor neihbor that they gather and share imformation about all americans.I believ they control the media and publish lies and omit imformation.I believ that most officials were not even half german and that iranian,turkic,and semetic fietures ar observable on meny.I believ their gole is world rule that they scapegote and blaimd the jews falsly.I believ that they liv under gize uv meny nationalities including 1/2 uv all american"jews" but most as nativ american,suthern european or partly but also as african american and northern european.I believ that most uv the world's economy is controld by their tribe.I also believ they ar a little israelites but more iranian and assyrian.I du not advocate violens agenst them but tolerans.I believ they ar aga khani ismailis.I also believ that the civil rayts of individuals in democratic countries ar being violated by them at the highest levels uv guvernment.I believ that christians shoold not use intoxicants habitually but shoold be tolerant uv the zoroastrians huw use drugs habitually as yuthes and beiev that hashish and pot can leed tu escape frum addition reincarnations within bounds of cors because a person on drugs shoold not be driving if over intoxicated.I believ chritians and jews can form closer ties tu actually muslims the non sufi minority.
I suspect that the "muslim"terrorist hav links within the police,intelligens agencies,and guvernments.I believ that they use a tactic uv pretending tu be their own enemy and believ that tu be the tactic uv raytwing militia grupes and n.a.z.i.s perhaps also fals sunni anti shiites.The zoroastrians hav an idea about plunder and the medes and assyrians come frum mountinous areas.By race they ar all kasite,lur,sythian,kurd medes and assyrian plus a little dravidian and with hurian blud and some israelite decent.I beiev that while meny nations muved tugether at once that the zoroastrian kurds hav been gradually dispersing frum kurdistan since 2800 yiers ago as the population incriest but believ in remaining united so they arn't ruled by uthers.I believ them tu be even 1 billion.I think that amazing that they cood hav kept the secret so long with nobody finding out i believ.I also believ that they woold all be starving if they still livd in kurd kurdestan all 1 billion uv them.I believ that hitlers' jewish associates tu be zoroastrians and the anti semetic"christian"lieders.I believ part uv the liv as "christians" and "jews".I believ the priest pedophiles tu be mostly zoroastrian infiltrators and that the zoroastrians caused chirch division and hav infiltrated tu about 27-50 intu both catholic,protestant,and jewish also.The racial fietures of the zoroastrian ar sometimes different also but i believ all europeans ar partly but less usually frum the same kurdish race in addition tu the uther eurpean nationities.Kurd in turkish is sometimes pronounced kurt and that miens wolf.The persian word for shah-king is close in pronounciation tu the word horn.The current aga khan is 4th his son the 5th with aga title.Nero i think was frum the gothic element partly so perhaps nero was germanic,iranian-scythian and celtic as the the aga khan 5 but i hope for him that it is not so and perhaps yu can pray for him if that is satan's plan that he be not tempted tu his own destruction.I du not know if that is satans plan.Beware uv wolves in sheeps clothes perhaps also miens then beware uv zoroastrian kurds huw seem tu be the best christians.
I believ that most chirch scandles ar caused by the infiltrators and then the zoroastrian sufis on the outside critisize the chirch.I also believ that almost no chirch exist that doesn't hav numerous zoroastrian occult pieple within it so that almost no christian or jewish plans can go on undiscoverd.I believ they probablely control most lie detector test so a christian must lern tu use one yorself tu rute them out of the chirch.It isn't hard tu identify them thowe because i believ 80% uv them use drugs and ar 2/3 uv all drug abusors ages teens tu 30 plus they hav names in their geneologies uv known masons and gipsies plus kurdish and gipsy racial fietures but ar mixt and even some kurds ae fully caucasian and completely white.Only a minority uv them ar darker actually within a european community and meny ar blond and blue eyed and very caucasian.I believ they ar mixt with evry race about and that jesse owens may hav been one and can look like eny nationality.They ar sort uv hippies that follow wicca or paganism meny.Some hav tatoos and some males long hair like ancient sythians.Bandanas ar worn by some but most ar short haird males and may look very conservativ i believ.I suspect that some supreme cort members ar them and meny former presidents and that they hav access tu the what i believ tu be the almost big bruther spy system.I believ that ramsey clark may hav been one and meny uther diplomats.I believ they also fill the profesor chairs at all universities including christian.I believ they ar meny private doctors and that they ar most psychiatrist.I believ that meny things commonly believd by most americans ar partly propaganda and that behind the illusion uv equal justice and opportunity and free press and democracy lies a secret hiden autonomous ismaili hindu zoroastrian sumero-assyrian occult system a sort uv partly n.a.z.i. communist like system thowe more benevolent but that big bruther is watching yu and yu hav been dupt by propaganda and supression uv imformation.One ismaili will back anuther if attact unjustly according tu the a opinion uv a grupe uv them which certinly varies.10% uv them ar sexual deviants i believ and that most uv them hav commited adultory at liest once and use pornografy occasionally.I believ they hav a laxer standard believing in reincarnation and perhaps hell for only the worst uv themselves after meny incarnations as a sinner.I think tolerans is the correct thing and gradually reform uv the unconstitutional autonomous monopoly secret for more welth i think uv their sect.They don't hav the same beliefs and very few convert.They arn't going tu agree tu some harsh drug law and so what if some pieple gable a little.Yu cood think they ar very bad crooks but yu must take intu account their beliefs and that meny uv them ar nice but don't agree with yu about beliefs or drugs or this or that and i believ that thinking they ar christians also can leed tu tension so excercise a little foreberans and tolerans.And i think evry christian must spy too and start their own mafia also in order tu truely compete.Imformation,organization and secrecy can be prfitable.
Perhaps yu hav redd about wallstreet and connections tu drugtrafic i believ that is because most biznis in america is ownd by zoroastrians and suspect that the merchants uv arabia in muhammeds time huw were linkt tu bandits and decended frum former ones were partly iranian secretly and zoroastrians but not uv the simon magus cult as is i believ the case with the brahmin cast partly.I don't believ the vedas tu be ritten till after the scythian invasion and that all brahmins are also sythian,mede,and assyrian.Those races hav rutes in iraq and tiglath pilesar wanted tu conquor the world gilgamesg made tu look sumerian but mostly assyrian,and the assyrians akkadian dialect spiekers as nimrod and the babel tower the world as one and the kassites adopted their beliefs.Meny national forms but as national or as christian gnosticism or jewish qabbalah an assyrian tactic.And i believ the legal biznis and guvernment pieple and police linkt at liest tu the secret conspiracy uv silens and spying which is as international not as henry ford's "jew" but as the international kurdish,med o assyrian and some fords at liest ar gipsy originally.I think thowe varying degrees linkt tu crime but that varies according tu the individual definition uv the jungle but if yu ar too wild and bad by the standards uv most and the christians also part uv the time yu will end up in the slammer if the majority catches yu and ar the police too.After all whether christian or ismaili i believ by both yu ar considerd evil and that is what yu ar so off tu jail will yu by the good pagan cops.
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