Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Attacked

Hearing about the attacks in London unleashed a flood of memories of 9/11 for me. While I felt deeply for the Spaniards, perhaps because I know so many there or because I have spent time there, London feels more personal. Blair's speech was heartening; it showed courage and resolve, despite the PC footnotes.

As are all Americans, I too am praying for the victims, their families & the people of England. People of Britain: your grandparents not only survived the blitz of London, but they fought the monsters that did it and beat them. You can too. Just as last time, you will not be alone; we, your crazy cousins from across the pond will join you. We did it before, and we can do it again.

For us Americans, this dastardly attack on innocent civilians going to work in the morning, should be a reminder that the war on terror still continues. For the some the memories of 9/11 are faint and distant: don't fool your-self into allowing this to happen, for it was merely one step the campaign of a group of animals who hate all who do not submit themselves to their rule.

These attacks should also remind us to continue the fight against terrorism & all who aid & abet them. Measures must be taken to secure our border, for as we have seen; this is a means of access for terrorists who wish to do to us what they did to Londoners. Also, we must fight groups like the ACLU, who are nothing more than unelected tyrants, who use their glib tongues and deep pockets to bully innocent citizens & deprive them of the liberties that good people gave their lives for.

Like the people of England, we too must have courage: the courage to face our enemies, foreign and domestic. Let us restore to this land of liberty the right to free speech, the practice of faith, and the right to defend our homes & borders, to once more have the regulations of our government be reflective of the views of the people. We must renew our commitment to government of the people, by the people, for the people. Let us extend this commitment to include all people, not just our-selves, for no one enjoys the chaffing bonds of tyranny.

Freedom is not free, it had to be fought for over 200 years ago, and it had to be fought for over 50 years age and it must be fought for now. Freedom is a precious commodity, and as with any other precious commodity, it is threatened by evil men who wish to unlawfully possess it. Therefore, it is incumbent upon its custodians to guard it well and defend it when need be.

America came to be because a group of perfectly ordinary people -farmers, writers, silversmiths and pub owners- decided that they had had enough. Freedom is was always won by ordinary people having the courage to act upon their convictions and the goodness of heart to deplore tyranny and evil. The events of 9/11, Madrid and now London call us to do our duty and follow in the footsteps of those who went before us.

NYGirl... email me and I'll help you put your Union Jack up.
Well said, and DAMNED RIGHT!
Felicidades por tener un excelente sitio web!!!!

Muchos Saludos,

Profesora Grahasta
Good post, NYgirl!
Awesome post! Britain is in our prayers.
Well put. One thing the terrorists forget is that the Brits are tougher than the Spanish. They have been through worse than this and still survived.
Glad you guys liked my post.

Please ignore "fher" the Professor, he is a spamer.
I agree this was an excellent post.

While I do think Tony Blair's words were sufficient, he often sounds too much like a "schoolboy" for me. It is fine and dandy to show sympathy and sorrow,but we need a Churchill-like figure who will also express righteous anger.
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