Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Judge Roberts

President Bush's SCOTUS nominee, to the surprise of everyone, was Judge John Robert Jr. Firstly; let me say that I was heartened to see that the President avoided Affirmative Action type politics, by nominating a woman just to please the Democrats. This would have done nothing but create a designated 'women's seat' in the Court & belittled every woman appointed to it.

Judge Roberts, who worked under Bush 41 as well as Pres. Reagan, is widely acknowledged as being a fine litigator with excellent interpersonal skills & temperment. He also argued strongly against Roe v Wade before the Supreme Court. However, a few of the clients he chose to represent do strike one as odd. Among them are:
Hawaii’s Democratic attorney general and governor arguing in favor of a race-conscious program to benefit native Hawaiians, and a Nevada regulatory agency seeking to limit property development around Lake Tahoe.

On the other had, he has proven himself to be immune from the temptation to abuse his position & legislate from the bench. One example being the case of the girl arrested for eating french fries at a Washington DC subway station. In his ruling that the incident did not violate the Fifth Amendment, he said:
"The district court described the policies that led to her arrest as 'foolish,' and indeed the policies were changed after those responsible endured the sort of publicity reserved for adults who make young girls cry...The question before us, however, is not whether these policies were a bad idea, but whether they violated the ... Constitution."

As he is more a Rehnquist, than a Thomas or Scalia, his nomination would not be as fraught with controversy as would that of a more conservative judge. I must confess that I was personally hoping for Judge Janice Brown. However, based on what I have read about him so far, Judge Roberts appears to be a fine pick.

I agree - I was hoping for Judge Janice Brown, too.

Actually, in one respect it does not matter who Bush picks. Nominee (fill in the blank) will be smeared under any-and-all circumstances. and the rest of the tinfoil-cap crowd feed on raw human flesh these days, and they are the ones pulling the DNC/MSM's strings.
We'll just have to cross our fingers and hope.
Though I'm not an expert on judges, he looks a good choice. He is well respected, and apparently an excellent lawyer. The question is whether he really has conservative leanings. Time will tell. I would give him a chance as he appears to be a good candidate. I know Ann Coulter has said otherwise, but I think maybe Bush is doing something that actually benefits America.
Your subconscious mind is a powerful force. It can be an un-defeatable ally or a dangerous foe! It is a powerful force of nature that can be harnessed and made to work for us or it can be a wild beast that runs riot with our lives.
How powerful is 'powerful'?
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Likewise it can totally transform your life - even overnight! It can bring you new situations, life experiences, luxuries and even people.
However, it is like a na�ve child or a better analogy is that of a computer. It believes everything that you tell it. Your conscious mind is the gatekeeper. Anything you think with complete faith is immediately past to the subconscious mind - which it then takes as literal fact. There will be no arguments because it has no discriminating capabilities.
Although your subconscious mind is more powerful than you can possibly imagine it is a mere servant. It is at your disposal. YOU are in charge. It acts just like a computer and like every computer it needs software to run. So if you do not program it then someone else will! You are constantly being bombarded with software programs for the mind every minute of everyday. Buy this product and you will look slim, drive this car and you will seem sexy, drink this potion and you will feel more vibrant about life. You are told what to buy and when to buy it, when you are too young to do a thing and when you are too old. You are told what is possible and what is not. Snap out of it!
Take back your control over mind and body. You were born with the most powerful computer system known to man - a bio-computer that regulates a sophisticated, highly flexible, changeable, self repairing vehicle. You are amazing, a true miracle. If you bought a new top of the range diesel Mercedes would you let Joe or Sue down the road fill it up with petrol?
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Does it matter?
No! Because you are and always have been in total control. Change your thinking and you will change your subconscious beliefs. Change your subconscious beliefs and you will change your life.
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