Saturday, July 16, 2005

Iraqis Against Terror

In Qayarrah, Iraq, over 1,000 Iraqi citizens, including several influential political and religious leaders, marched alongside Iraqi Army and police officers. See the photos.

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Of course, I'm sure we won't be hearing anything about this from the likes of CNN or MSNBC...
Coming down earth might injure their flimsy spines. I doubt they'll try it.
Hey, why didn't I see this on the WaPo, CNN, or NYT websites???

(rolls eyes)

Thanks for passing this along.
If it doesn't appear in the NYT, it doesn't exist. This is obviously a figment of your imagination. Maybe I'm delusional myself. The point is the NYT prints all the news that's fit to print!
Yep, just what I was thinking.

Like in March 2003, when EVERY paper in the country (including the Washington Post, SF Chronicle and even the LA Times) discussed the jubilation in the streets of Baghdad when Saddam's statue toppled, the NY Times reported on the anxiety about the future, the "violence," and later on, the 200,000 artifacts that were purported to have been looted from an Iraqi history museum.

A month later, it was determined that 25 items were missing, Yes, 25. The NY Times buried a forced apology letter on Page 18.

Bob Kohn's, "Journalistic Fraud" is such a must read.
The museum frud was an item I've been meaning to blog about Ari.
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