Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Immunity From Accountability

San Francisco International Airport is asking the government to shield it from potential lawsuits over failures at security checkpoints.

One of the reasons that private companies do a better job than federal agencies is due to the fact that they have a greater amount of liability, & thus more accountability. If this factor were to be taken out of the equation, is it not possible that they too will become as negligent as the government agencies?

How does offering immunity to private companies give the TSA any competition? It does nothing to raise the industry standards.

I can see how the enormous insurance premiums can be problematic. The way to address that is through legislation to limit the amounts paid for "pain & suffering" & having more stringent regulations against frivolous lawsuits. Immunity is not the answer.

It would be unfair to allow prosecution of a private company, if state or federal bodies are exempt. The answer is that all should be held liable for failing the public. As taxpayers we should demand that government is accountable.
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