Thursday, July 21, 2005

If Only He Listened to Nancy Reagan

NYT, via Chrenkoff

And on Saturday, during a funeral for children who died in the bombing on Wednesday, a unit of the Iraqi police stopped a suspicious-looking man approaching the funeral procession and discovered that he was wearing a suicide vest filled with explosives and ball bearings, the American command reported Sunday.
An explosives team disarmed the man, a Libyan, and no one was hurt, according to the American military.
"The bomber was high on drugs and is being treated for the potential overdose," said Col. Joseph DiSalvo, an American commander. The bomber, he said, "came here to kill the grieving parents of the children who were killed on Wednesday."

Just when you thought Islamic terrorism could sink no deeper. Somehow we need to strike back at those organizing these acts of barberism.
Hey NYgirl..thanks for stoping by my place.

Mind if I add ya??

Obviously it's Bush's fault. And Karl Rove's. And General Westmoreland's. And the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's. And the US military's. And ........
Ron, I'd be honored, & I hope you won't mind my reciprocating :)

Thanks Mwalimu for pointing that out. I forgot to add it.

NB: This is definitly NOT the fault of the Minute Men of Iraq who adhere to the religion of peace.
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