Sunday, July 24, 2005

Girl Trouble

The Democrats have long touted themselves as the party of women. However, in many instances, their mode of attack has been the humiliation & taunting of a woman based on her appearance, clothing choices & weight. This has been so, not only when the issue in question centers on a woman, but also when she is the wife of the person being attacked.

*Linda Trip was taunted for her weight & appearance. It affected her to the point were she underwent thousands of dollars worth of radical plastic surgery.
*Paula Jones was mocked for her appearance as well. She too underwent plastic surgery.
*Katherin Harris was labeled as "Cruella de Vil" for her make-up.
*Condeleeza Rice was painted as an "Aunt Jemima" and President Bush's "Brown Sugar" during her confirmation hearings. Notable liberals such as Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury & Ted Rall led the charge.
*Laura Bush was taunted, during the first term of her husband's administration for lack of fashion flair & sophistication.
*Teresa Heinz’s flamboyant style was considered a mark of her intelligence & independence. It was considered proof of her intellectual superiority to Laura Bush, despite the fact that Mrs. Bush obtained a bona fide Masters degree. Teresa Heinz's qualifications on the other hand, are more related to the wealth & connections of her own family & that of her first husband. The ten honorary doctorate degrees has received are thanks to the large amounts of money she has donated to various schools & causes. Her real degrees are a Bachelors degree in Romance Languages from South Africa & a diploma from the Interpreters School of the University of Geneva.

And now, in continuation of the proud tradition of woman bashing, the wife & young children of SCOTUS nominee Judge Roberts are being attacked for their clothing choices. The WaPo had an entire article dedicated to what Mrs. Roberts (a highly qualified lawyer her-self) & their children wore, during President Bush's press conference to announce his nomination of Judge Roberts.
His wife and children stood before the cameras, groomed and glossy in pastel hues -- like a trio of Easter eggs, a handful of Jelly Bellies, three little Necco wafers. There was tow-headed Jack -- having freed himself from the controlling grip of his mother -- enjoying a moment in the spotlight dressed in a seersucker suit with short pants and saddle shoes. His sister, Josie, was half-hidden behind her mother's skirt. Her blond pageboy glistened. And she was wearing a yellow dress with a crisp white collar, lace-trimmed anklets and black patent-leather Mary Janes.
The wife wore a strawberry-pink tweed suit with taupe pumps and pearls, which alone would not have been particularly remarkable, but alongside the nostalgic costuming of the children, the overall effect was of self-consciously crafted perfection.

Could it be that they simply wanted to look nice for perhaps the most important thing to happen to Mr. Roberts professionally? Hasn't Robin Givhan heard of a season called summer, a time when most people tend to wear lighter colors than during the colder winter & autumn months. While discussions of the political views of Mrs. Roberts maybe marginally relevant, I fail to see how her color preferences have anything to do with what kind of a Supreme Court Justice her husband would make.

There is also a tendency among those in the left to stereotype women as 'emotionally driven', peace loving & anti-war. The major feminist organization, such as NOW & Feminist Majority, always lobby against any defensive military actions taken by the United States government. One can imagine the shock of the DNC upon the discovery that, the Soccer Moms, who paved the way for both of Bill Clinton's victories, have become Security Moms, in the post 9/11 era. These women ensured the victory of George Bush over John Kerry. The astonished reaction to this shift is indicative of the poor understanding of the true nature of women.

A poll conducted in early 2002, showed that women considered increasing defense a greater priority than did men: 57 % versus 46 %. This was in contrast to a poll conducted the year before 9/11, which showed only 42 % of women considering defense a priority as opposed to 53% of men. These numbers bolster a study done of focus groups, in which, when told of how vulnerable we are to a missile attack, women were more insistant than men in calling to rectify the situation.

Until the Democrats shed their Victorian views of women, as docile, angelic, decorative fixtures, who should be lectured to, they will have a lot of trouble winning elections.

HAT TIP: Michelle Malkin, Mwalimu Daudi

With two daughters who (thankfully) dress precisely as they please, I can only think to file this one under the heading of "Do the Dems Even Understand That They're Imploding as a Party?"

All of the things that they say matter a great deal when they're talking about 'diversity' (of gender, religion, ethnicity, race, handicap, sexual 'preference', etc.) go completely out the window when someone in the minority on any or all of those points turns out to be a conservative. Egads! An Uncle Tom! A traitor! A know-nothing dupe!

Women will increasingly become targets, even to the point of the Dems not consciously recognizing that they're doing so, to the extent that women move towards more conservative politics, (or as mainstream politics gets polarized into wacko left wing nut cases and Republicans). And with that kind of dymanic, this all becomes an accelerating phenomenon. I.e., despise, denigrate, alienate, boost opposing numbers... lather, rinse, repeat. :)
That makes me sick to my stomach.
I think many feminists are afraid of women who think for themselves. It means less money for political shenanigans, fewer tinfoil caps manning (womaning? womyning? personing?) the picket lines.

So much for "the right to make choices"!

To the subject of John Roberts – I think that this is only the beginning. We may look back on the WP article as a non-event in this whole affair. The worst is yet to come.
Mwalimu, they are also afraid of blacks who think for themselves.
Would the WaPo writer have been happier if Mrs. Roberts had showed up in a pantsuit and dressed her children in Che tee-shirts, mohawks, and Birkenstocks?

Oh, wait... She probably would.
Is this the best that the liberal elite can do? It shows they have lost the argument. It is sad, but dangerous. A healthy democracy requires a healthy opposition to challenge the government of the day. King George really does need a strong opposition, one that puts America first, rather than the interests of multi-national corporations.
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sad state of affairs, where the packaging overshadows the content but i'm afraid that's the way western society works at the moment... why do you think actors and people with media training but unhindered by any knowledge of the subjects involved do so well at elections...
Hi Christopher & Avik & welcome to my blog.

Yes, it is sad that the Dems have chosen to take the low road. They are not doing a good job as being the opposition party. This is not very healthy for a democracy. More & more women & minorities are offended by the left's patronizing attitude & double standards as well as the juvinile attacks, they need to deal with the MoveOn faction of the party soon.
thank you...
from a european point of view, i feel that if the democrats had taken over more of naders agenda, they would have been much more successfull, instead of tryng to be wannabee republicans across the board...

let the dems find and develop new agendas that the people want and need, not ones dictated by money or power issues...
But, Bart, they're not going to win any elections that way. America is a centrist country.
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