Thursday, July 21, 2005

Girl Power!

A tug-of-war, between the old & the new. Literally.

It is interesting to see the winds of change are blowing into Saudi Arabia. apparently when you land at Riyadh airport you have to turn your watch back 500 years.
thanks for the input... in a way i sense that there is a rear-guard, feminist revolution going on in the islamic world which can only be applauded...

here in the netherlands, muslim women who are more than willing to be identified as such are asserting themselves in so many ways, becoming well educated, participating in all fronts of society and still displaying the ethnic backgrounds they are visibly proud of... i'm so glad this avenue is at least possible in the countries where sufficient tolerance is available...

all we need to do now, is liberate the muslim men as well from their debilitating mindset...
Freedom, ably assisted by more capable forms of mass communication, is an unstoppable force that will eventually enliven and empower individuals everywhere. Unfortunately, institutionalized facism will violently flail as its grip on power loosens, and sadly, we all have to bear the consequences of the supremacistic extremists that are fighting this lose cause.

I think it's wonderful to hear about young girls expressing themselves like that over a pop star. What kind of world view is it that thinks any human being is better off shrouded, hidden, and isolated from the opposite sex. So sad, really.

Thanks for all the lovely words NY Girl
Hi Graham & welcome. It's good know that there are so many fellow belivers of freedom in this world.
Isn't it funny how the pop culture we loath might end up being a force of good.
lol, yes. I was writing elsewhere that despite all of the attempts by the CIA to covertly attempt to penetrate the Soviet Union, it was McDonalds that was welcomed with open arms into the heart of Moscow.

In Communist Romania the most popular TV show was Dallas.

Such things are informed by deeper elements of a free society me thinks. They represent people freely empowered as individuals... it's ironic that something as unhealthy as Big Mac can be a force for good.
You're right. We should be less critical of pop culture. In fact, a large part of that criticism actually stem from snobbery on the part of elites who look down on all things "common" as a matter of form.

Interestingly, these are the very same people who are enamored with Communism & dictators.
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