Friday, July 08, 2005

A Few Thoughts On 7/7/05

The death toll in London has risen to fifty. At the NRO Corner, Cliff May asked the question: "Won’t it be interesting to see whether those gathered in Scotland to protest the G8 will -- or will not -- protest the terrorist bombings?" Michelle Malkin has some great photos of the selfish & clueless reaction of these spoiled brats.

The Zionist conspiracy theorists had been hard at work too. There was story, it was even on MSNBC though they have eliminated it now, that the Israeli embassy was given advanced warning of the attacks. This, rather than the miniscule Jewish population of London, was hinted as being the reason for the lack of Jewish casualties. Of course it was proven wrong, but the fact that it was even a story is indicative.

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, while condemning the attacks warned Muslims to “remain vigilant and calm and stay indoors” and the “IHRC is advising Muslims not to travel or go out unless necessary, and is particularly concerned that women should not go out alone in this climate.

Interesting how Mr. Shadjareh is stereotyping all non-Muslims & there is no outrage. Can you imagine the reaction if a non-Muslim were to ask that Muslims be bared from entering Briton, unless absolutely necessary, as they could be potential terrorists.

There has been a lot of chatter about how Briton is a breeding ground for terror. While I heartily concur, I would also like to point out that we are not much better:
*our borders are wide open
*we have groups like the ACLU which hinder the efforts of our government & military to keep us safe
*our government agencies do not have the powers they need to be able to investigate suspects
*we too kowtow to CAIR & the like,
*we refuse to hire qualified Arabic speaking Jews for fear of offending Arabs
*we are much to soft on Saudi Arabia-a major sponsor of terrorism

While I certainly believe in continuing to live our lives in the way that we are accustomed to, heaven forbid, we were suffer another attack, we will be partially to blame for making our country so vulnerable.

For those who say that they will somehow find a way to do what they want anyway, may I recommend Arthur Chrenkoff's wonderful post on the brilliance of the jihadi mind. Yes, they will try, but we can act in way such that the leaders will be caught or killed. Without leaders & funding, these organizations will fall apart quickly. The jihadis, had they been non-Muslims, would have become what all other socially awkward teenagers & twenty somethings become-Treckies. They hardly strike me as an impressive lot, and I believe that with some effort, we can beat them.

And the left organizations sympathize with the evil enemy. It is scary the state our world has come to. Excellent post! Continue to pray, it is the most powerful weapon we have against evil.
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