Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dr. Dean, Could You Please Repeat That?

Howard Dean, said of the Republican party- "[They are] a pretty monolithic party. They all behave the same. They all look the same. It's pretty much a white Christian party."

It now looks like even the MSM can't ignore the reality.
"...New Republicans are African Americans and Hispanics. From a conservative perspective, African Americans and Hispanics conspicuously are asserting themselves in the public square by engaging in politics, commerce and the judiciary….Minorities are breathing new life into the Republican Party. They are affirming that absolute moral truth exists, that traditional values matter and that their dreams can be realized by preserving proven historical ways to succeed."

Well it's about time they noticed. I wonder if Howling Howard has heard of this.

Ari, should you choose to undertake the task of being the bearer of this news, may I ask you to wear protective gear, especially for your ears. Also, be sure to note all possible means of exit from the room before you make the announcement, we don't want to lose you :)

HAT TIP: The Conservative Rant

Of course, the MSM will find some way to imply that are not "authentic" blacks, Hispanics, etc. The MSM will always defend to the death our Constitutional right to agree with them.
NY Girl, don't you worry about Ari. He's had plenty of practice here in Los Angeles being the target of abuse:).
Howard Dean should know as he is black himself. Ooops, my mistake, I must be getting him confused with John Kerry, or Bill Clinton, or Al Gore, or John Edwards. Actually are there any minorities of importance in the Democratic Party? Look how much the Democrats supported Al Sharpton as a presidential candidate.

I have this suspicion that Dean is the Manchurian Candidate: he has been re-programmed to destroy the Democrats from within.
Boy, wouldn't that be wonderful.
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