Thursday, July 28, 2005

Double Vision at The ACLU

So, the ACLU thinks that Wicca is a legitimate religion. Fine, but one question:

Why aren't they suing about all the pictures of witches, witch hats & other paraphernalia that decorate any typical government building around Halloween?

HAT TIP: Stop the ACLU

Good question! And thanks for the tip.
The madness at the ACLU goes on and on. Do these morons have nothing better to do?
Wiccans are really witches, are they? I don't think they identify as witches.
While they consider the Holloween version a charicature, many I know do. The MSM version of Jesus freaks is a charicature of Christians too, but that doesn't stop the ACLU from suing to take down crosses & creches.
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