Monday, July 04, 2005

California Fights to Build A Border

The Bear Flag state has finally had enough & decided to put a fence along its border with Mexico. Of course the usual suspects are opposing it, but there is a new player in this tragicomedy: the environmentalists. Just as PETA puts the welfare of animals before that of humans, Peter Douglas, who is the executive director of the California Coastal Commission, places the welfare of the Smuggler's Gulch (wonder how it got it's name?) section of the Tijuana River Estuary before that of American Homo sapiens.

Mr. Douglas is fighting to prevent the Border Patrol from extending the barrier. Currently, there is a gap in the wall, just a few miles south of the biggest naval base in the country, as this area is federally protected land. In order to complete the barrier, Congress must approve this action. The main proponent in Congress for this project is a San Diego Republican, Rep. Duncan Hunter. He points as evidence to the experience of San Diego, where its 1997 border has reduced the illegal traffic to the area exponentially.

His opponent, Democrat, Bob Fliner claims that the $50 million it would take to secure the border along California could be better spent elsewhere. He called the claims that the opinion that international terrorists use the Mexican border to access the United States is a "specious argument”.

Rep. Filner said: "I have never been told that somebody suspected of terrorism has been arrested along that border."

Me thinks there is much too much empty space in Mr. Fliner's head.

How in the world did CALIFORNIA of all places decide to do this??? Wow.

However it happened, I hope New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and all the states along the Canadian border follow suit!
Me too. There is hope yet.
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