Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Battle of Britain

[W]hy did Britain become the first country in the developed world to produce its own suicide bombers? Why is Britain just about the only country in the world to have produced suicide bombers who sought to kill not another people but their fellow citizens?

These are the questions this Spectator article attempts to answer. It cites the poor handling of British history in the country's schools, who fail to instill any sense of 'Britishness' in the students, as well as the leftist media. In it, I found a paragraph which puts forth one of the most compelling arguments against multiculturalism & liberal self-hatred heard recently.

But self-loathing in a nation, like self-loathing in an individual, is alienating. Someone who despises himself inspires greater contempt than affection, and a country that hates itself cannot expect its newcomers to want to belong.

The points made in this article should be a warning to us in America. If we too are to continue to acquiesce to the liberal demands of self-flagellation, we could end up asking our-selves the same questions.

somehow these folks hold on to the belief that by showing contempt for ourselves, that others will respect us more. it actually is the total opposite...they view us as little weaklings...hence 9/11.
Excellent post.

Here in the U.S. it's the same, our liberals send a message to our enemies and everybody else that they're ashamed of our country and our American heritage, and apologize on America's behalf.
And they're indoctrinating children in our schools, just like today's liberal run education systems in some other western countries, to the liberal point of view, which might be as patriotic as they claim it is, I only wonder exactly which country it is patriotic TO.
The Brits are the least patriotic country in Europe. For some reason the liberal elite despises nationalism. No other country in Europe tries to suppress its history so much. Why are liberals so guilty about the past? Why are so many British liberals ashamed of their country? You seldom see flags flying in Britain, hardly any homeowner has one. One country - one culture, that is what made nations powerfull, multi-cultures are weak because there are too many conflicting demands.
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