Saturday, June 25, 2005

You're Just Like Hitler

What is Jon Stewart? Is he a sane man with moments of insanity, or an insane man with moments of sanity. I post, you decide.

I thought it was actually a fairly good satire. I think Stewart went out of his way to show Republicans doing it, but maybe that's my own bias.

He has a great point, however: when people sling the Hitler reference about, they're really demeaning themselves and their own argument. It's only (very slightly) more adult than calling somebody a poo-poo head.
I think that Jon will mature, after maybe another catastrophic attack on the country--then maybe he'll sit in the Dennis Miller box at the Republican convention.
Hi therapist, & welcome to my humble abode. Sad to say that I too think it will take a lot to get Jon out of the dark side. Too bad, he does have his moments.
I think he was pretty even-handed with it. Nice slap on Byrd and Durbin...
Hi Jeff, & welcome. Could be, my comments certainly reflect my biases.
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