Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yet Another Reason to Deal With Immigration

As if there needs to be. But, as the Bush administration doesn't seem to be getting the message, that we conservatives, as well as many centrists, want immigration reform, here is another reason- maintaining the Republican majority.

As many have noted, the "red" states are far more family oriented than the "blue" states. Also during the 2004 election the soccer moms, who helped the Clinton victory, transformed into the security moms, who helped bring about the Bush victory. David Brooks attributed the growth of the Republican party to the red diaper boom i.e. the higher rates of fertility in red states. The perceived tougher immigration policies is one of the major reasons for voting Republican.

This article points to another reason, Affordable Family Formation. As families are the corner stone of the Republican party, it is in it's best interest to adopt policies which would help sustain & create more families. Adopting a policy of limiting immigration, which would make housing more affordable & improve the quality of public schools, will become necessary if the GOP is to continue to win elections.

I just can't understand why Bush refuses to crack down on the borders. Yeah, we need cheap labor. Yeah, we want good relations with Canada and Mexico. Yeah, the vast majority of immigrants only want a job.


Yeah, bin Laden could cross the border with a suitcase nuke and level Phoenix or El Paso or San Diego.

If the dems weren't so worried about upsetting their constituencies that support illegal immigration, they could kill Bush on this issue by running to the right of him. I think that the vast rank and file of Americans want the borders controlled, and may well let their vote be influenced by that issue alone. They will certainly do so if a Bomb comes over the open borders and a million Americans die.
It saddens me to see how Bush refuses to enforce immigration law. How can anyone not see the damage being caused to America?
Having a tough immigration policy will be the key to victory for any 2008 candidate, from any party. Let's hope the Dem's won't steal our thunder.
Dems likely won't. It will be too damaging to certain fund-raising elements of their party. They can't afford to endorse policies that will take away entitlements from one of their voting blocs.
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