Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

The Daily Kos posts a rant by Chris Bowers about how conservative blogs are an "anti-community" aristocracy as opposed to liberal blogs like the Kos. The assertion is, because, of the top right wing blogs, only Redstate.org has diary & article/figure links pasting functions for its comment section, whereas many left wing blogs do have these functions, the left wing blogs are better. Let, me say first off, that I agree on the point that few right wing blogs have community functions, & I wish there were more of them.

He cites that of the top conservative blogs, only Little Green Footballs & Captain's Quarters allow comments, while Andrew Sullivan, Hugh Hewitt, Real Clear Politics, Powerline & Instapundit do not. I realize that arriving at a definition of what constitutes a blog is sticky, so I won't get into it. However, in my opinion, Real Clear Politics is not a blog, it is a magazine like Tech Central Station. You don't see Newsweek post all of the comments & letters it receives do you?

In his haste to weave conspiracy theories, Mr. Bowers seems to have overlooked other methods of creating communities: blogrolls. While they do not have comment functions, the blogrolls of Huge Hewitt & Instapundit are enormous, as are those of Little Green Footballs & Captian's Quarters. On the other hand, if one were to glance at the blogroll for the Daily Kos, it's "stinginess" (in the words of it's founder) is striking. The reasons he gives for this is as follows:
Link policy. As you can no doubt tell, I am extremely stingy on links. As a marketing tactic, that's not very smart -- link exchanges are a great way to promote one's site. It's also not the best way to be a good blogosphere citizen -- I should be helping promote new up-and-coming blogs and playing nice with the established ones as well.

However, everything I do on this site I do for the benefit of my readers. I've always thought that a short blogroll was of more use to visitors than an endless list of random names, and for better or worse, that's the rule by which I now live.
Of course, a liberal always does things for the benefit of the ignorant masses.

If you happen to be one of the unlinked masses, Mr. Moulitsas has this soothing statement for you.
And finally, realize that my refusal to add your site to my list isn't a rejection in any way. We desperately need to catch the Right in the Blogger Wars, and I am proud of each and every person who has the guts and initiative to start his or her own weblog. The progressive movement of the future will be built, in large part, on this digital foundation.
Hush, hush now. Here's you little pat on the back. I am not rejecting you, don't let this affect your delicate self-esteem.

What can I say. Mr. Bowers's articles are display the typical characteristics of left wing propaganda methods. They tell you half the story while insisting that it is the full story.

This is a very insightful post. I especially like your analysis of the Daily Kos Link Policy. Their decision to avoid linking to many blogs sure does reek of elitism. Bravo for blogrolling!
Nice blog and you need a Trackback feature.
Most of the conservative blogs gave up on comments because of liberals and their use of vulgar language and name-calling, instead of reasoned discussion. Like you said, Mr. Liberal Blogger isn't telling the whole story.
Welcome to my blog Mark. How are things in Mexico? I will try to get a Trackback feature ASAP. Any ideas, as Blogger doesn't have it's own.

Chris you mention a good point I forgot to include. Liberals tend to have an enourmous sence of entitlement & be very rude. They also like to say things just for the shock value of it.
One Kos commenter commpalining of being kicked out of a conservative blog comment section had a login name of republicansareidiots. You can imagine how respectful he/she is to opposing views.
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