Friday, June 10, 2005

Salute to a Hero: W. Garrett Chamberlin

A bit of good news on the immigration issue. W. Garrett Chamberlain, the police chief of a small New Hampshire town, New Ipswich (cool name isn't it?), has done the unthinkable: he has arrested illegals on the charge of trespassing. His decisive actions has inspired another town, Hudson, N.H. to act in concert.

This has the Mexican government in a tizzy, for they know that should this case be won, the precendent it sets will unleash a storm of arrests & deportations. The awareness that an event such as this might force them to take measures to reform the Mexican government & society such that its citizens do not have to migrate illegally to seek employment is not to their likeing.

To avoid befalling such a fate, the Mexican government has hired a lawyer for the illegal in question in the New Ipswitch case, guess who helped them do it? The ACLU using the tired old race baiting technique.
"The Mexican government was understandably worried that this could become the charge du jour across the country," said Claire Ebel, executive director of the New Hampshire American Civil Liberties Union, which helped find the lawyer for Ramirez. "They worry about vigilante police chiefs who will round up people based on the color of their skin."

The article keeps mentioning the demographics of the towns, which are mostly white, as well as the idea of the insular New England town. Gratuitous quotes like this one, from Prof. David H. Watters, director of the Center for New England Culture at the University of New Hampshire
"There is also an old tradition in New Hampshire of 'warning' people who were not born there out of towns. That sensibility still survives."
are sprinkled liberally through out the article to try to make this seem like a purely New England issue fueled by racism & ignorance. But, even the MSM is forced to concede the popularity of the chief's actions by mentioning that there is wide local & national support for his bravery.

Keep an eye out for this case, the ACLU will fight tooth & nail for this, therefore, so should we. It could end up going to the Supreme Court.

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Great post on illegals and the fight to stop them.

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