Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rude Americans & Civilized Old Europeans

An American & a German have dinner, can you guess who's rude & who's civilized?

This was a wonderful article. Stephens is a phenomenal writer.I think he is only 30, too!

An important point to glean from this piece is that when America bashers say they don't have a problem with Americans they are lying. Sure, they will say that it is only the Bush administration that bothers them, before going on to froth at the mouth and rudely condemn everything America stands for. The main reason? Jealousy.
Couldn't agree with you more Aaron. I don't know if you get a lot of European tourists out of CA, but many of the ones we get are atrocious. Not all, but many, are rude & arrogant & "insensitive" to American customs, such as tipping.
Interesting article, but not what you would expect from someone who is living here. Most Europeans that are anti-America, haven't visited this country, so they fail to understand anything.

You would expect a diplomat, to be, well, more diplomatic than that, but the Germans sometimes still have an arrogance about them.

Even a diplomat should realise that they are a guest in this country.
If only diplomats were diplomatic!

Some Europeans become more anti-American after visiting out of sheer jealousy. Comming to terms with their own lack of importance & failures does not sit well with their egos.
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