Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Real Numbers on Vietnam Vets

Here are some really interesting facts on those who served in Vietnam. It shows that the MSM picture of disgruntled Vietnam vets was a lie.

Two-thirds of them were volunteers; 73 percent of those who died were volunteers. According to a 1980 Harris Poll commissioned by the Veterans’ Administration (VA), acknowledged to be the most accurate survey of Vietnam veteran attitudes, 91 percent of those who saw combat in Vietnam were “glad they’d served their country,” 74 percent enjoyed their time in the service, and 89 percent agreed with the statement that "our troops were asked to fight in a war which our political leaders in Washington would not let them win." 80 % disagreed with the statement that “the US took advantage of me.” And remarkably, nearly two out of three said they would go to Vietnam again, even knowing how the war would end. Most returned from the war and got on with their lives.

Great post, and I'm glad that the truth about Vietnam is slowly starting to get out. The BM and Hollyweird have been beating the depressed / psycho Vietnam vet meme to death for thirty years, but with VERY few exceptions, it simply isn't true.

Part of the problem is that members of the BM - who know how to string together a sentence but apparently don't know how to open a history book - think that the idea of post-traumatic stress disorder is unique to Vietnam vets. It isn't. Eric Dean's "Shook Over Hell: Post-Traumatic Stress, Vietnam, and the Civil War" demonstrates pretty clearly that some fraction of soldiers from any war suffer from PTSD and other psychological wounds. The BM exaggerated and over-emphasized occurances of PTSD in Vietnam-era vets to suit their template of "Vietnam was an unjust war."
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