Friday, June 24, 2005

"My people are American"

Despite the rantings of La Raza & Co, opposition to illegal immigration is not an expression on racism, & not all Americans of Hispanic descent favor unrestricted immigration. The County Commissioner of Canyon County, Idaho, Robert Vasquez, the grandchild of Mexican immigrants, is proof of this. When accused of betraying his heritage, he points out that his grandfather came via "legal immigration, and it was years ago when there was actually some control over the borders," he said, "not an invasion of hundreds of thousands of aliens every year that demand a separate culture and language just for themselves."

He proudly asserts his American identity by reminding his attackers that his people are Americans & that it is the American flag that hangs in his office. So, why is he not getting a lot of support from local Republicans in his bid for Congressional seat in 2006? Because he has accused Idaho's congressional delegation - all Republicans, including conservative Sen. Larry Craig - of "collaborating with the unarmed enemy invading America." Well, if you support the Open Borders Plan & do nothing to stem the tide of illegals, are you not effectively promoting illegal immigration? And illegals are not necessarily unarmed & harmless

He has used many unorthodox strategies in his attempts to deal with this problem. Among them are:
*billing the Mexican government $2 million for reimbursement of jail and medical treatment costs he claimed the county provided to Mexican citizens, instead of making Americans foot the bill
*leading an attempt to get Republican Gov. Dirk Kempthorne to declare the county a disaster area over an "imminent invasion" of illegal immigrants
*exploring the use of racketeering laws against businesses that employ illegal immigrants, who can be kept docile by threats of deportation

Why doesn't the GOP work with people like Mr. Vasquez instead of against them? They can help to make it clear that opposition to illegal immigration is not the same as opposition to legal immigration. I've written about this before, as this is one of my biggest gripes with the Bush administration. Illegal immigration is not good for America, & many Americans, even those of Hispanic descent, as well as those who are immigrants themselves, understand this. Why can't the administration?

HAT TIP: Michelle Malkin

Wow! This guy needs to be the next Secretary of Homeland Security. Or Ambassador to Mexico.
Ambassador to Mexico, that would be something, wouldn't it. Sec of Homeland Security would be great too. I really hope he wins the Congressional seat, it would give the Republican party a real boost nationaly & internationaly & hopefully add some spine to the GOP on the illegal issue.
NYgirl wrote:

'I really hope he wins the Congressional seat, it would give the Republican party a real boost nationaly & internationaly & hopefully add some spine to the GOP on the illegal issue.'

I've got to disagree with you. Republicans NEVER get any credit when a minority has an (R) behind his name. That person is obvious a sell-out or Uncle Tom or house n****r or whatever term the libs want to use. You can only be an 'authentic' minority if you're a liberal democrat.

And I don't think ANYTHING short of bin Laden running a nationwide commercial showing him carrying a nuclear bomb over the border could put spine into the Republican party when it comes to border enforcement. It's pretty sad, really.
I saw this guy on Lou Dobbs Tonight. He deserves to be elected. I just hope he is sincere in wanting to stop illegal immigration, and not just using the issue to get elected.
Luck you Shipwrecked. I didn't get to see it, but I have read quite a bit about him & I believe that he is sincere.
He has gotten into a lot of hot water from both sides for his stances. If all he wanted to do was get elected, he would not be holding Rep's accountable for their failures.
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